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What happens when you think of the word ‘time’?

Probably a little bit of fear or anxiety comes up, that it’s running out, or that there’s never enough. Or all the things you need to get on top of.

And what happens when you think of the word ‘management’?

Not great, right, probably some tension, thinking about the many times you’ve been “managed” or attempted to “manage” something? Maybe quite a tiring feeling.
So probably best not use that phrase.
Let’s look instead at what time is FOR, rather than somehow trying to ‘manage’ it. Let’s OPTIMISE our use of it instead.

How best to do that?

At the top of each day do this:
Rest, relax, close your eyes and bring your awareness from your head into your body and simply watch the inbreath coming all the way in, relaxing on the outbreath.
Watch the inbreath again, all the way in, relaxing on the outbreath.
Notice what happens when you see the breath coming all the way in, dropping on the outbreath.
Do this a couple more times, more if you love it (!), and if you are distracted by your thoughts simply come back to your breath.
Watch how relaxing it is even to do this properly just watching the breath ONCE!
Now when you are beautifully relaxed we are going to ask a question.
But I don’t want you to give the answer, I want you to let the answer come to you.
Come back to the breath.

What is absolutely the perfect outcome today?

Let the answer come.
Feel free to ask the question again to reveal the answer.
And again, letting more answers come.
Notice what the answer is and how it feels to have that outcome. Write it down.
Once you know your perfect outcome(s), you can then ask against each one:

What is the perfect way to ensure this happens?

Let the answer come in the same way as before.
Ask again, let it come.
This gives you OUTCOME and METHOD to get there.
That will allow you to PRIORITISE your activity to ENSURE you have that outcome. That allows you to cut through the noise of meaningless activity and meetings, just for the sake of them, and simply carry out those things that will completely help you get to your most fruitful outcomes.
If you do have meetings that you have to go to, you can use the same technique as above:

What is the perfect outcome of this meeting?

What is the perfect way to ensure this (outcome) happens?

And then breathe the energy of it going perfectly into you, to pre-engineer the success of that meeting. Do this often enough you will embody success when you enter the meeting.

How did it feel to do this exercise?

Can you see how it is so much more meaningful to know what your perfect outcome is first?



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