Top 10 Alternatives to Bowling


Looking to get the team together for a work outing? Or want to try something new this weekend with your friends yet tired of the endless suggestions to go bowling? TechRound have you covered. 

Here’s our list of Top 10 fun alternatives to bowling you and your friends, or colleagues, can get up to in and around major UK cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham and many more! 

1. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms – they’re a great way to get everyone working together. Whether you’re looking for something to do on your birthday, or are trying to find new, exciting corporate outings then a trip to an Escape Room might be for you!

You can pre-book online at various venues across the UK, whether you’re in London, Glasgow or even Cardiff – there’s plenty out there with varying themes, from horror, science to archaeology! 

2. Topgolf 

Topgolf UK can provide a unique and exciting evening trip out or spontaneous away day with the team. With venues located in and near London and Glasgow, Topgolf is popular with all ages and requires no prior experience!

Simply show up, or pre-book a game online, and get into the swing of it! Topgolf offers various unique golfing games, both indoor and outdoor, and also has restaurant, bars and live sporting events available on-site. Surely this beats the familiar, over-done trip to the bowling alley! 

3. Virtual Reality 

What about some virtual reality games? There are several emerging venues popping up across the UK that now offer groups to play VR games. From roller coaster rides, skydiving to war-themed games – VR offers various styles of games that can make for a unique weekend trip. 

4. Go Ape 

Want to hit the heights and challenge yourself? Then, visit GoApe. In short, Go Ape provides various outdoor obstacles or “urban jungles” for visitors. With several locations across the whole of the UK, Go Ape is a great choice to consider for all ages. 

Feel exhilarated as you climb across the treetops, swing across zip wires and jump across obstacles – don’t worry, you’re strapped in (and there are various levels you can opt for if you might not be too keen on heights…). 

5. Ice Skating 

As the winter months quickly arrive, why not do something festive and fun? Ice skating is now in season, and a great alternative to bowling. Get outdoors, be active and laugh with your friends as you attempt to tackle the ice… 

6. Indoor Skydiving 

Want to face your fear of heights but not quite ready yet? Indoor skydiving might be for you. If you’re looking for a new and exciting weekend activity, then indoor skydiving might be a great option to consider. Feel the sensation of floating as you ascend into a wind tunnel! 

7. Laser Tag 

For a group outing, laser tag is definitely one to consider. Get competitive as you venture off into groups and battle against the other team. Laser tag is also a great alternative to bowling as it is relatively inexpensive, can provide for a great afternoon and will also get your heart racing! 

8. Murder Mystery Tours 

If you enjoy Escape Rooms, puzzles and other scavenger hunts – then, a Murder Mystery Tour might be a good activity for you. Murder mystery tours vary depending on the city you’re based in or nearby. However, they’re generally self-guided or fully guided tours that take you across a city or venue to unveil a murder. 

Completely immerse yourself in the tour and discover the clues along the way with your friends or colleagues! 

9. Axe Throwing 

A new and exciting activity available is axe throwing! With bases across the UK, axe throwing is definitely a great alternative to bowling. Go in small or large groups and learn how to throw an axe. If you’re feeling extra adventurous and want to try something new – axe throwing is a good idea. 

10. Arcades 

Now, if you’re a little more indecisive, then an arcade might be a good night out for you. With lots of different games available, from ice hockey, basketball to pinball machines – there’s always plenty to do at an arcade. 

For a more casual evening, a trip to an arcade with friends or family is a good idea, and some even offer food and drinks to take the evening up a notch.