Top Morale Boosting Activities for Startups


Trying to find some morale boosting activities for your startup employees? Why not take a look at TechRound’s Top 10 Morale Boosting Activities for Startups. We’ve taken everything into consideration – from location, price to accessibility for all employees. 

Have a quick read of our top engaging and fun activities businesses of all sizes in the UK can take advantage of. After all, work hard, but play harder! 

Why Is Boosting Morale Important? 

Positive employee morale means more productivity and happiness in the workplace. By boosting office morale, you can ensure employees are more satisfied with their job, their mental health and wellbeing is looked after and that employees are retained and invested in for longer.

Engaging a team effectively may seem difficult, however there are some simple tips and tricks to follow to boost the overall workplace morale! Staff morale, after all, is what keeps a business afloat and working efficiently and smoothly – meaning better success overall. 


1. Visit an Escape Room 

One of the most popular corporate activities is Escape Rooms. With Escape Rooms being in most major UK cities and towns, there is definitely one which your startup could visit for some lighthearted fun! Not only this, but Escape Rooms rely heavily on groups solving puzzles to (who would’ve guessed) to escape the chosen room and complete the challenge! 

By visiting an Escape Room, your startup employees can get to know each other a bit better, learn how each other handles solving challenges and most importantly, develop team building skills which is crucial to any great workplace. 


2. Host a Virtual Pub Quiz

If you can’t visit the local pub because some employees live far or work remotely, then why not host your own virtual pub quiz? Pub quizzes are easy to put together, and require minimal effort for maximum fun! 

Pick a night that suits everyone, and host a virtual pub quiz based on any theme you desire – whether it be music, science or random facts, a pub quiz will get everyone feeling relaxed and will certainly help break the ice! In addition, a little health competitiveness can be good! 


3. Take a Swing at Golf

If you’re looking for a more active and in-person activity, why not take a visit to your nearby Topgolf venue? Topgolf has venues around the UK, in London and surrounding counties, as well as in other major cities like Glasgow. 

Whether it is raining or sunny, Topgolf has climate controlled bays where you and your corporate team can book a space and hit the bays! Not only is Topgolf guaranteed to bring everyone a memorable team outing, but it is also affordable for startups. There is also drink and food to be had, so makes for the perfect weeknight or weekend evening trip! 


4. Plan a Weekly Workout 

Exercise releases endorphins, what is often called a “happy” chemical in the brain. When endorphins are released through exercise, it has great health benefits and improves one’s overall mood. So, why not host a virtual or in-person workout for you and your employees? 

Whether it be yoga or a quick 20 minute HIIT workout, a weekly or bi-weekly (or monthly if you don’t quite have the time) workout will help boost everyone’s mood! It doesn’t have to be too serious, and you can also find some inclusive workouts for everyone to enjoy online. 

5. Go Bowling for Mid-Week Fun 

Bowling – a widely popular choice when it comes to a mid-week work outing! Bowling is inexpensive, easy to book and popular with pretty much everyone in the office. 

If you’ve got a large startup, why not get some teams together and encourage some healthy competition? Bowling is a great option to consider if you want to boost employee morale, as it is light-hearted and gets everyone together in an environment which encourages communication. 



6. Have Some Animal Office Therapy 

What’s more morale boosting than some cute puppies or kittens? Nowadays, you can hire animals to visit the office which will get everyone excited (and if not, I’m not sure what else will!). 

Animals have been proven to improve employee morale, and is one of the best in-office engaging activities. Having great workplace well-being is key, and animals visiting the office have been proven to do just this! A little animal therapy never hurt anyone! 


7. Raise Some Money Together 

Have you got a local charity you could raise some money for? Fundraising activities are a great way to bring the team together cohesively and encourage core skills such as communication and management. Whether it be a local animal charity, or a large corporation your startup might be proud of, raising money through bake sales, runs and walks are an inexpensive and effective way to encourage employee team building and morale. 


8. Host an Office Sports Day 

Were you a fan of sports day in school? Me neither. Sports days, nevertheless, were an exciting day away from all the stress of schoolwork and got everyone together working in teams. 

Likewise, hosting an office sports day is not only easy to plan and do, but will also encourage team building and communication. While some may take the day a little more seriously, it doesn’t have to be completely serious and can allow people to get to know one another more in a less formal environment. 


9. Have a Laugh at a Comedy Night 

Comedy nights can be found in most major cities, such as London, Manchester, Cardiff and more. Most comedy nights, in addition, have a small fee to enter and will leave everyone in stitches by the end of the night! 

Why not take your startup team to a local comedy night to get everyone laughing? Laughter, after all, is the best medicine for boosting employee morale. Or, if you can’t find a local comedy night – why not host your own in the office? 


10. Get Baking 

Office bakes are a fan favourite, as they’re fun and something to look forward to! Whether you decide to bake in the office in teams, visit a nearby corporate space which has baking masterclasses or want to set up your own office baking competition – food is always a good way to get everyone together.