Top 10 Half-Term Activities For Kids

Looking for fun half-term activities to do with children? It can be both time-consuming and stressful trying to find fail-proof fun activities for kids. But, it doesn’t need to be! At TechRound, we’ve got some easy and budget-friendly activities both parents and kids can get up to during half-term. 


Ideas for Half-Term Activities for Children 


Half-term activities don’t have to be complex nor do they need to be expensive. Keeping the kids happy and occupied is easy with our top half-term activities for kids, which include both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as games and fun. Keep reading to find out how you could keep the little ones happy during the school holidays – and away from the screens!


1. Get Creative 


The phrase “I’m bored” is bound to creep up on parents as the half-term holidays quickly approach. But, fear not, kids being bored can play in parents’ favour! Firstly, kids must understand they won’t be out all the time during the holidays. So, why not get creative at home? 

There are plenty of kid-friendly DIY crafts parents can find online. From creating valentine’s cards to collages out of old magazines, there are plenty of fun ways to get crafty. What’s more, art and crafts can help your child’s development as they not only encourage fine motor skills but also teach them to think outside the box and be patient.


2. Have Fun in the Kitchen 


Wondering where to find fun half-term activities near you? Well, you don’t have to look much further than home! While it could create a little mess, creating activities in the kitchen is a fun way to entertain the kids. Bake some cupcakes, make pasta necklaces or even create your own family cook-off! 


3. Plan a Weekend Outing 


It’s also a great idea to get outside and be active during the half-term. We all know that staying active is key to everyone’s health. So, why not take a trip to your local Topgolf? With games for all ages, a weekend trip here is sure to entertain the little ones. They also have delicious food and drinks with sports bars if the parents want a little break. 

Visit to find out more. 


4. Go Green 


Being outdoors in nature has great benefits for our mental and physical health. If you have a garden, you could use the holiday to get it prepared for the season changes and teach your young ones a few things about the environment. For instance, you could create DIY bird feeders or bug houses, plant some seeds or even dig out the weeds if you fancy. 


5. Design an Outdoor Adventure Trail 


Who doesn’t love an adventure trail? If the weather permits, you could create a fun-themed trail outside. During the Easter half-term you could create a fun easter egg hunt, or during February opt for a Valentine’s Day-themed one! The beauty of adventure trails is that they keep the kids occupied, encourage team-building, and don’t take hours to set up. 


6. Teach a New Skill 


Kids and parents must take a well-needed break over the half-term. But, that’s not to say some fun activities and games can’t help teach a new skill! Maybe your kids have been asking to learn a new instrument, read a new book or even want to learn sign language. Whatever it is, it’s always for kids to keep learning and developing their skills so set some time aside for this! 


7. Visit a Museum 


A local museum is a great day out and it’s easy to plan for parents. All you have to do is a quick search online to find a local museum or attraction that is family-friendly. Many museums nowadays will even have kid-focused guides. Museums are a perfect blend of learning and fun! 


8. Explore the Local Library 


Reading is a crucial part of a child’s language development. Regardless of a child’s age, immersing themselves in new books and stories is a great way for them to learn more about the world and themselves. So, why not explore your local library? If you live near one, take an afternoon or weekend trip to pick up some new books. It could also help encourage a child who isn’t particularly fond of reading. 


9. Arrange a Playdate 


Half-term is a great time for parents to also relax (even if it seems hard) and playdates can do just that. Arrange a quick playdate with a family or school friend at a local cafe or park, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. 


10. Try Something New 


Last, but not least, take the school holidays as an opportunity to try something new. Whether that be trying a new restaurant with your kids, visiting a new city in the UK for some well-deserved rest bite or even trying a new recipe at home! If you don’t have the time for trying such things, then you could also ask your kid something they’ve never tried before too (unless, of course, they want to go to space or something…). 

Fortunately, today there are plenty of ideas out there online that can help keep both parents and kids happy, occupied and organised!