Top 12 AI Detection Tools

AI plays a complex role in cybersecurity, warns the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), making it harder to distinguish phishing emails from genuine ones. The sophistication of AI tools, especially generative AI and large language models, raises the risk of cyber-attacks. Identifying threats becomes difficult, which furthers the need for AI detection tools.

The NCSC notes, “to 2025, generative AI and large language models will make it difficult for everyone… to assess whether an email or password reset request is genuine, or to identify phishing, spoofing, or social engineering attempts.” Here’s a list of 12 AI detection tools to use when checking emails for AI-generated content.


1. QuillBot



QuillBot’s AI Content Detector Tool stands out among the top AI detection tools. With advanced algorithms, a user-friendly interface, and customisable options, it accurately identifies AI-generated content in blog posts, research papers, and more. It ensures the authenticity of your writing by detecting repetitive words and unnatural flow. Fast and easy to use, this free tool provides real-time analysis, giving you a percentage of AI-generated content within seconds. Protect your work and maintain human-like writing with QuillBot’s reliable AI detection solution.


2. Scribbr



Scribbr’s AI Detector is a trusted choice for detecting AI-generated content, including ChatGPT, GPT4, and Google Bard. Offering unlimited free checks without sign-up requirements, it ensures the authenticity of academic papers, blogs, and more. With a commitment to academic integrity, Scribbr provides a confidential and efficient tool to verify originality. The AI Detector distinguishes itself from plagiarism checkers by analysing specific text characteristics. While not 100% accurate, it stands out for accuracy in detecting GPT4. Choose Scribbr for reliable AI detection and upholding academic standards.


3. is an AI detection remover tool that ensures your content remains undetectable by AI detectors. Designed for writers, bloggers, and researchers, it transforms AI-generated text from tools like ChatGPT into human-like content using advanced algorithms and paraphrasing techniques. With the ability to bypass AI detectors, it produces unique, search engine-optimised material. Recognised as the best free AI detector, received accolades from Forbes and others, offering award-winning accuracy and collective analysis from multiple detectors.


4. ZeroGPT



ZeroGPT, a trusted OpenAI and Bard detector, is a free and reliable tool millions trust. It stands out with highlighted AI-detected sentences, batch file processing, and a high-accuracy model supporting all languages. Unlock premium features with API access. DeepAnalyse™ Technology ensures robust AI detection, covering models like ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard, and more. Generate proof with automatically generated PDF reports. ZeroGPT offers a suite of writing-enhancement tools, from grammar checking to paraphrasing. Easy to use, it helps writers, educators, and businesses confidently identify and handle AI-generated content.


5. GPTZero



GPTZero is a leading AI detector, distinguishing itself with robust detection of AI-generated content, including models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3, and more. Used by over 2.5 million users globally, GPTZero offers accurate results on sentence, paragraph, and document levels. With a user-friendly interface, it excels in classifying AI use in prose, making it valuable in education, hiring, and various domains. GPTZero prioritises transparency, constantly improving its technology for trustworthy AI detection. Ideal for educators, students, and organisations seeking precise AI identification.


6. Copyleaks



Copyleaks offers an award-winning AI Content Detector with over 99% accuracy, covering models like ChatGPT and Bard. It’s part of a comprehensive suite, including Plagiarism Detector, Codeleaks for source code, and Grammar Checker API. With a decade of AI engine development, Copyleaks focuses on human writing patterns, minimising false positives. It ensures unmatched detection speed, accuracy, and security across various languages. Ideal for maintaining academic integrity, verifying content originality, and safeguarding against AI-generated text risks.


7. Content at Scale



Content at Scale’s AI Detector is your go-to tool for checking and humanising AI-generated text. With a robust AI engine trained on diverse online content and large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and GPT-4, it achieves an impressive 98% accuracy. The simplified scoring system and detailed sentence-level analysis set it apart, making revisions easy. The pro version offers unlimited scans and a premium rewriter for undetectable AI content. Join the AI writing revolution with Content at Scale, a pioneer in AI detection.


8. Detecting-AI



Detecting-AI is a versatile and powerful tool for analysing written content, including documents, articles, and website text. With support for various formats and an AI detection system covering models like ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT2, and more, it ensures accurate identification of AI-generated content. Its advanced algorithms provide in-depth analysis, revealing the percentage of AI content in each paragraph and sentence. Boasting a remarkable 98% accuracy, Detecting-AI stays at the forefront of AI technology, offering robust security against fraudulent content.


9. Crossplag



Crossplag AI Detector offers a simple yet powerful solution for identifying AI-generated content. By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, this tool accurately predicts the text’s origin, distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written content. With instant verification, high accuracy, and user-friendly functionality, it ensures efficient content authenticity checks. Developed in response to the growing threat to academic integrity, Crossplag’s AI Detector is a valuable resource for maintaining the quality and relevance of online content, helping users evade potential penalties from search engines like Google.


10. Smodin



Smodin’s AI Content Detection boasts 91% accuracy in identifying AI-generated documents and 99% accuracy in recognising human-created content. Trusted by professionals, students, and educators, Smodin ensures text authenticity by distinguishing between human and AI-generated content, offering a preventive measure against plagiarism. Users can easily upload text for analysis, receive prompt reports, and enhance their work’s originality. This tool is essential for businesses, educators, and students seeking to maintain credibility and avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism in their written works.


11. Winston AI



Winston AI stands out as oone of the top AI content detection tool, trusted by users worldwide. With a remarkable 99.98% accuracy rate, it surpasses competitors in detecting AI-generated content from models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard. Tailored for writers, educators, and web publishers, Winston ensures content authenticity, vital for search engine rankings and academic integrity. Its user-friendly interface, quick results, and additional features like plagiarism checking make Winston AI an indispensable tool for safeguarding originality in diverse content. Get started for free and experience the industry’s leading AI detection capabilities.


12. Sapling



Sapling’s AI Detector is a reliable tool to distinguish between human and AI-generated content, especially from models like ChatGPT and Bard. Users benefit from a free online tool and can install a browser extension for convenient web use. With a focus on accuracy and the ability to assess entire texts or individual sentences, Sapling’s AI Detector aids educators, content creators, and SEO practitioners in ensuring content authenticity. Regular updates and continuous improvements contribute to its effectiveness in identifying AI-generated text.