Over Half of Generative AI Startups Use Google Cloud, Study Reports

Google has a rich history of fostering innovation within the start-up ecosystem.

With the creation of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI), start-ups have been presented with a remarkable opportunity to revolutionise businesses through novel models, solutions, and applications. This transformation is increasingly unfolding on Google Cloud, where AI-optimised infrastructure serves as the foundation for these businesses.


Google Cloud: A Haven for Gen AI Startups


Google Cloud has emerged as the preferred platform for start-ups embarking on gen AI projects. More than half of all funded gen AI start-ups are choosing Google Cloud as their technological backbone. This includes a staggering 70% of gen AI “unicorns,” start-ups valued at over $1 billion.

Several startups, such as Bending Spoons, Faraday, Jasper, Replit, and Typeface, are harnessing gen AI to enhance various work-related tasks. Beyond these, critical AI tools from Aible, Anyscale, GitLab, Gretel, Labelbox, Snorkel AI, and Weights & Biases are readily accessible on Google Cloud, empowering others to build their own gen AI experiences.

Noteworthy model-builders and researchers, including AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Character.AI, Cohere, Midjourney, and Osmo, are utilizing Google Cloud infrastructure, GPUs, and TPUs to develop and train models.


Google Cloud’s Expanding Collaborations


While gen AI is still in its infancy, Google Cloud Next introduces an array of new and extended partnerships with pioneering startups in the gen AI domain.

A fresh cohort of rapidly growing startups has chosen Google Cloud as their enabler for gen AI development and product introduction:

Connected-Stories: An Italian startup offering a creative content management platform, leveraging gen AI to produce tailor-made advertising content. Google Cloud’s scalability and Vertex AI’s potent gen AI models bolster their operations.

CoRover: An Indian gen AI startup that has crafted BharatGPT, a conversational AI platform covering 18 Indian languages. Google Cloud and Vertex AI power the infrastructure behind BharatGPT.

Elemental Cognition (EC.ai): A venture-backed AI-native platform startup, designating Google Cloud as its strategic cloud provider. Using Vertex AI’s foundation models, EC.ai is innovating solutions for healthcare, finance, travel, education, and the public sector.

ElevenLabs: This agile startup is building text-to-speech, lifelike voiceover, and AI-dubbing capabilities via gen AI. Google Cloud’s GPU and Kubernetes Engine are pivotal in the development and scaling of their AI products.

Fiddler: Providing AI observability solutions, Fiddler has chosen Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider, launching its solution on Google Cloud Marketplace.



Fireworks.ai: Enabling cost-effective and secure LLM-based experimentation, Fireworks.ai is migrating its platform to Google Cloud infrastructure for optimal performance.

Promptly: An enterprise-focused no-code AI platform facilitating the swift creation of gen AI applications and chatbots. Google Cloud and Vertex AI empower businesses without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Quora: Transforming its business with the Poe gen AI service, Quora collaborates closely with Google Cloud, integrating PaLM 2 via Vertex AI.

Samaya AI: Offering a platform to comprehend extensive document sets using LLMs, Samaya AI is leveraging Google Cloud infrastructure and AI models via Vertex AI.

Synthesized: An early pioneer in AI-driven synthetic data, Synthesized utilises Google Cloud products like BigQuery and Cloud SQL, making its Scientific Data Kit accessible on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Writer: An enterprise-oriented content generation platform powered by gen AI, now employing Vertex AI across its product lifecycle for efficient model training, monitoring, and performance enhancement.

Catalyzing Growth: Google Cloud’s Initiatives

Google Cloud introduced its inaugural Accelerator program for gen AI startups, encompassing a 10-week series of technical workshops, mentorship, and leadership training.

Additionally, the Google for Startups Cloud Program offers up to $350,000 USD in cloud credits over two years, aiding gen AI startups with essential compute resources and mentorship to expedite growth and refine business strategies.




As gen AI continues to reshape industries, Google Cloud stands as an ally for start-ups ushering in this transformative era.

The collaboration between Google Cloud and a diverse array of gen AI start-ups exemplifies the potential of AI-driven innovation to drive lasting change. The dedicated Startup Lounge at Next ’23 serves as a testament to these dynamic companies, showcasing their journey as they redefine businesses through the power of AI.