Top 10 Best Cities In America To Be A Digital Nomad In

In today’s age of remote work and digital nomadism, where individuals can conduct their tasks virtually anywhere with just a laptop and a reliable internet connection, the crucial consideration always boils down to location. After all, this way of working does not tie you down to any specific location, theoretically enabling work from any corner of the globe.

Alas, in reality, certain countries do not readily embrace digital nomads. Fortunately, the United States is no such place. Better yet, from vibrant urban centres to scenic coastal spots, the sheer variety of the US caters to the varied preferences of digital nomads seeking a perfect blend of work and lifestyle.

Can You Be A Digital Nomad In America?

Individuals attracted to the United States are able to pursue their American dream, and indeed their nomadic lifestyle has pathways available to establish themselves there.

To lead a nomadic life in the US, obtaining the appropriate visa is the first essential step. Although the US doesn’t offer a specific digital nomad visa, several visa options cater to similar needs. This includes permits including the H-1B Visa, B-1 Business Visa, and the Visa Waiver Program.

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10 Best US Cities To Be A Digital Nomad In


1. Orlando, Florida

Orlando in Florida consistently ranks high as a nomad-friendly destination. Whilst its increasing population growth has led to an inflation of living costs, there is still a lot to recommend this city and, no, it’s not just about the epic theme parks – though this is certainly a plus for any adrenaline-seeking nomad. The city is also perfect for any nomad seeking to escape a rainy home office, known for its trademark good weather of the ‘Sunshine State’.

But while its weather and entertainment options certainly tick boxes, more practically speaking, Orlando offers lots of benefits too. The city boasts an array of public libraries and cafes for work, which can seamlessly be undertaken thanks to housing some of the best broadband providers in the US.


2. Austin, Texas

It’s difficult to ponder life in Texas without Austin popping up. Sat right in the heart of the state, Austin houses everything a nomad could need. This city is known for its myriad of cultural attractions, fantastic infrastructure including great public transport and healthcare, and diverse and interesting neighbourhoods, ensuring there is something for every digital nomad in this bustling capital.

Despite being a state capital, living in Austin is unlikely to strain your budget. This means that its residents can enjoy a good quality of life without worrying about finances and can enjoy accommodation and other daily living expenses within their means. So, go ahead and indulge in its delectable cuisine, including its renowned slow-cooked barbecues, and enjoy ample entertainment options.

Moreover, Austin provides abundant spaces and opportunities for networking and forging new friendships. According to Wandernity, Austin is often referred to as the ‘Silicon Hills’ thanks to its high concentration of tech companies, start-ups, and a strong innovation ecosystem, underscoring the city as a hub of innovation.


3. Chicago, Illinois

Known as the Windy City, Chicago offers digital nomads a vibrant urban landscape, a thriving tech scene, and a rich cultural heritage. With co-working spaces like 1871 and Servcorp, along with an array of networking events and meetups, Chicago provides ample opportunities for collaboration and growth.

This city offers all the hustle and bustle of California or New York without the price tag and has lots of practical amenities to recommend it. This includes excellent public transport both internally and externally via its well-oiled airports, ample green parks to explore, sturdy internet providers, and plenty of historical and cultural spots to dive into.


4. Denver, Colorado

Nestled against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Denver offers a perfect balance of outdoor adventure and urban amenities. With a growing tech scene and affordable co-working spaces like Galvanize and Shift Workspaces, Denver attracts digital nomads looking to combine work with outdoor recreation.

Denver has become a hub for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers alike, opening opportunities to network and connect with similar individuals enjoying a flavour of the nomadic lifestyle. There is also plenty of affordable accommodation, whether you’d prefer hotel hopping, renting or staying in Airbnb. Whenever you are, Colorado Biz has also rated Denver the safest city in the US, so you can enjoy the city with peace of mind.


5. Columbus, Ohio

The capital city of Ohio, Columbus, is a hidden gem for digital nomads. With a growing startup ecosystem and tech industry, affordable housing, and a strong sense of community, Columbus provides an ideal environment for remote work and entrepreneurship.

Besides its affordable housing, which can be found in each of its interesting and diverse neighbourhoods, Colombus is wallet-friendly in daily life too. From eating out to entertainment to nightlife, any digital nomad can make their money go further in Columbus than in pricier cities like New York or San Francisco.



6. Houston, Texas

Despite being the fourth largest city in the US, Houston also remains budget-friendly compared to other major US cities, making it an accessible option for digital nomads. Houston is known for being a vibrant melting pot of culture, a thriving economic centre, and an entertainment hotspot.

This city also boasts an array of nomad-friendly practical amenities such as high-speed internet and numerous coworking spaces so digital nomads can seamlessly explore the city while staying connected and productive on the go.


7. San Francisco, California

Despite its higher cost of living, San Francisco remains a hub for tech professionals and digital nomads alike. The city boasts numerous co-working spaces, networking events, and access to venture capital, making it a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship.

San Francisco remains a mecca for tech professionals and digital nomads. With Silicon Valley just a stone’s throw away, San Francisco offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, innovation, and professional growth.


8. Portland, Oregon

Renowned for its vibrant arts scene, progressive culture, and stunning natural beauty, Portland is a magnet for digital nomads seeking a laid-back lifestyle. With co-working spaces like CENTRL Office, WeWork and LoopNet, Portland fosters creativity and collaboration in a picturesque setting.

Portland has a reputation for being eco-friendly, perfect for any green-minded nomad wanting to dive into a place where they can meet like-minded individuals. This can be done in any of the city’s many coffee shops, green spaces or various networking events and meetups the city is known to host, encouraging collaboration and connection between the city’s digital nomads.


9. Seattle, Washington

Home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle is a hub of innovation and opportunity. With co-working spaces like WeWork and The Riveter, along with networking events like Seattle Startup Week, Seattle provides digital nomads with a supportive ecosystem for success.

Although this city is a little more on the pricey side of things, it’s still a cheaper alternative to hotspots like Los Angeles or San Fransico for any nomad still wanting to experience West Coast living. Seattle offers a dynamic and scenic landscape, from ocean to lush greenery to mountains, perfect for any nomad wanting to settle somewhere where they can escape into nature during their downtime. The Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier are just a stone’s throw away.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean the city skips on its practical amenities. Any digital nomad can also expect to find robust infrastructure and internet speed and enjoy an urban vibe in this unique city.


10. Cincinnati, Ohio

Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati may not immediately jump to mind when pondering digital nomad hotspots, but this would be an overlook. This city offers any eager nomad a blend of history, culture, and modern amenities. With co-working spaces like Union Hall and Cintrifuse, along with a burgeoning arts scene and affordable cost of living, Cincinnati is an emerging destination for remote workers and entrepreneurs.

This city is easy to get around with notable walkability, pleasant weather, decent broadband, and, most importantly, of course, a good nightlife to enjoy. As a city well-rated in the safety department and a friendly reputation, this can all be done with peace of mind and in an enjoyable atmosphere.