Which VC Firms Backed Some Of The UK’s Biggest Startups?

The UK is home to many successful startups, with household names like Monzo, Revolut and Gymshark all being born on UK soil.

But it’s not just UK entrepreneurs driving these companies, venture capital firms also play a key role – not just as financiers but also as advisors steering these companies to success. According to KPMG, in 2023, UK businesses attracted approximately $13.6 billion of venture capital investment across 1,495 deals.

These investments have not only helped individual companies grow, but have also solidified the UK as a leading tech hub in Europe. So how do VC firms support startups?


How Do VC Firms Boost Startups?


VC firms provide support in a number of ways. In fact, what sets them apart from other investors is their ability to provide strategic guidance, connections and networking opportunities for the companies they work with.

Traditionally, VCs invest funds in startups in exchange for equity, usually in the early days of business inception. This financial support is usually used to scale the business, investing in staff, operations and development if necessary.

Beyond this funding, VC firms also act as mentors. They help startups define their brand, refine their product and navigate the market they are trying to disrupt. Through a wealth of knowledge and experience, VCs act as a partner in growth.

Aside from money and advice, the other valuable asset VCs hold is their connections. Through linking startups to customers, investors, developers and more, VCs help build credibility from the get go.

Overall, VCs play an important role in boosting startups. Not only do they provide capital, they also provide resources and guidance to help them grow their ideas into successful businesses.


How Do Startups Attract VCs?


Attracting the right VC is no easy task. With incredibly high competition, startups need to do everything they can to stand out to the right partners.

Through showing a unique proposition, market potential and a strong leadership team, startups can put themselves in the best position possible to attract the right partner. Most importantly though, VCs don’t just invest in the idea, but the people behind it. Many VCs admit to being sold on the person, not the business they are running.

Ultimately though, a well developed business plan is crucial to attracting the right investment. A company that can show how it’s solving a problem, what it aims to do and how much money it’s projected to generate is sure to attract the right attention. Ultimately, VCs are there to make money, so the right factors need to be in place for them to take a leap of faith with a business.



Which VCs Backed Some Of The UK’s Biggest Startups?


The UK has been the birthplace of many impressive startups and businesses. But which VC firms backed them? Let’s take a look at some of the big ones…


Index Ventures


Index Ventures | Jersey Finance Members | Jersey Finance


Known for helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into global businesses, Index Ventures has backed huge UK startups like Bloom & Wild, Revolut and Deliveroo.

They operate from London, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and New York, backing some of the biggest entrepreneurs globally.




Lakestar | LinkedIn


Lakestar is a well known venture capital firm in Europe that has been actively investing in tech-focused startups across various stages.

Having been an early supporter of UK fintech unicorn Revolut and backing other up and coming startups like Yapily, Lakestar is known for helping tech companies flourish globally.


Balderton Capital


Why Balderton Capital: Interviews, Careers, & Portfolio


As one of the most well-established VC firms in Europe for over 20 years, Balderton’s has a number of big name investments including Revolut, Nutmeg and Cleo.

They support a number of early and growth-stage tech companies​, launching hundred million pound funding rounds on behalf of their clients.


Notion Capital


Notion Capital - Current Openings


Specialising in cloud computing and SaaS companies, Notion has played a leading role in boosting companies like GoCardless, Currency Cloud, Hokodo and Paddle.

Through a combination of capital and guidance, Notion Capital is supercharging a whole host of UK tech companies.


Molten Ventures


Molten Ventures (ex Draper Esprit) | ICO Analytics


Molten Ventures is a UK based VC firm focusing on deeptech, SaaS, AI, and healthtech companies.

Their portfolio includes UK companies like allplants, Cazoo, Crowdcube, Perkbox and TransferWise amongst others.




VC firms play a huge role in boosting the UK’s startup economy. Through a combination of capital, mentorship and networking, they play a crucial part in growing businesses from seed to growth stage.

As the UK continues to develop as a startup hub, keep an eye on these VC funds as they continue to scout out out the most exciting up and coming companies in the UK and beyond.