Announced! InsurTech30 Winners 2023

TechRound is excited to announce the winners of our InsurTech30 Competition 2023!



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TechRound are delighted to announce our InsurTech30 2023 roundup, celebrating the U.K. and Europe’s most innovative InsurTech companies.

Thank you to our judges: Josh Hart (YuLife), Sara Costantini (CRIF) and Alice Busvine (TechRound) for your time and effort to confirm our list of outstanding finalists.


Feedback From The Judges


“An enormous amount of innovation is taking place across the insurance supply chain, these nominees represent millions of hours spent looking to elevate this traditional market. I have thoroughly enjoyed researching each of these businesses, and have immense respect for those that work for them.

“At YuLife, we strive to build a world we want to live in and I am inspired to see so many carrying that flame. A couple of businesses of note, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Zego and WeFox make waves in their respective markets. When looking ahead, I’m excited to see Laka bring their new model of insurance across wider products. Lastly, my love of those looking at our impending climate crisis and looking to enable businesses to keep operating in these challenging times gives me the utmost admiration of the team at FloodFlash.”

Josh Hart, CTO at YuLife


“Judging these awards has been a fantastic experience. It was good to see so many insurtechs across Europe innovating in new areas, to provide insurance services to niche and underserved groups with specific needs. Congratulations to the winners and everyone who took apart in this year’s awards!”

Sara Costantini, Regional Director UK&I at CRIF


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Thank You To Our Judges!


Josh Hart, CTO at YuLife

Serial entrepreneur, Josh Hart, has set up numerous businesses across EdTech, Mobile and now the InsurTech world. Having created digital experiences used by millions, Josh’s mission is to make all digital interaction fun. As co-founder & CTO of YuLife, Josh has been re-imagining the world of insurance, building a company which focuses on helping people to be their best selves; mentally, physically and financially. Prior to YuLife, Josh was a co-founder of Chelsea Apps Factory and key in the development of the organisation, which consulted FTSE 250 companies and grew to well over 100 people, servicing customers such as Google, Standard Life and Waitrose.


Sara Costantini, Regional Director UK&I at CRIF

An industry leader with over 20 years’ experience in the insurance sector, Sara has been crucial in advancing CRIF’s work to develop the Insurance industry’s use of data, improving the customer experience and delivering a deeper understanding of their needs.

As Regional Director, Sara is furthering CRIF’s mission in the UK and Ireland to harness the full power of open banking and advanced analytics for banks, lenders and other financial providers. She has spearheaded initiatives that have made CRIF into Europe’s leading provider of consumer and business credit information, as well as a key global player in integrated decision-making solutions.

Alice Busvine, Journalist at TechRound 

Alice is the newest member of the TechRound team, who is deeply passionate about tech news and innovations.

During her time at the publication, she has already written about a large number of up and coming startups, ranking as one of the most highly read writers.


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