Caroline Kenyon – Founder of UK Bread Heroes Awards


“Growing up, my mother always told me: When you have a disappointment, pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and go at it again. She was a freelance journalist at a time when most girls had stay-at-home mums. So when my team at The Food Awards Company realised last year that we would not be able to hold our annual Tiptree World Bread Awards, we had to pivot really fast.”


UK Bread Heroes Awards


“Making a change, we decided to celebrate the people behind the loaf – farmers, bakers, millers – who were doing so much for their communities during the pandemic and created the BreadHeroes20 campaign. We revamped the website, put a call out via social media and waited anxiously for entries to come in. Eventually, they did and in big numbers!”

“The whole campaign was incredibly emotional especially seeing the joy on the faces of our regional winners. I truly felt satisfied.”