Danielle Wathes – Founder of Discovery Journal and Percy Stride Footwear


Website: http://www.discoveryjournal.co.uk/ and www.percystride.com

“I started my business designing and making men’s footwear for my brand Percy Stride in 2017, at the time it never crossed my mind whether I’d be at an advantage or disadvantage being a woman producing shoes for men; which I think shows the incredible growth of equality we’ve seen in business. 4 years on I now run 2 businesses from home.”


Percy Stride Footwear


“As well as Percy Stride, I now run Discovery Journal for which I create journals and tools which help with Anxiety and overall mental health.”

“I never pretend like what I do isn’t hard and for anyone thinking about branching out on their own, there are days where you wonder “What am I doing?” but those are the bad days, and good days are worth the wait. It was a choice I am so glad I made and I love what I do whether its designing shoes or creating journals, I’ve always wanted my work to not feel like work and that was my ultimate goal. If that’s someone else’s ultimate goal too then I’d say go for it…there is never going to be a “right time” so you just have to search for the “best time” and move at your own pace.”

“There is so much room now to craft your own path and as women we are blessed to have options available to us to manage so much. With International Women’s Day coming up its so encouraging to see and hear of entrepreneurial minds supporting each other and collaborating with each other to make their ambitions a success.”

“This last year seems to have highlighted more natural talents and aspirations from both men and women alike but it’s essential to celebrate International Women’s Day to really appreciate how far we’ve come and how much we’ve achieved.”