Diane Strutner – CEO and Founder of Datazoom

Website: https://www.datazoom.io/

“International Women’s Day represents to me a moment for reflection on where we are today, a time to show gratitude for how far we have come and a reminder that equality and representation for women is still a work in progress.”

“I am proud to be an entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, because although it’s not easy the idea is that it will be easier for the woman entrepreneur, CEO and board member who comes along afterwards.”

“Along the same lines, several years ago, three other women came together with me to form the Women in Streaming Media group. Together we have placed women in speaking positions at conferences and in media engagements, created a mentorship program that is going into our third year and hosted networking events.”




“Before the pandemic, it was not uncommon to walk into conferences and only see a ‘sea of blue blazers’ staring back at you. And, that would probably still be the case today. But thanks to WiSM group, I’ve been able to connect with so many amazing women that I otherwise might not have crossed paths with.”

“Being part of our community, hearing each other’s stories and struggles in the context of our industry, and helping one another has allowed me to dream big and has given me more confidence to execute boldly as an entrepreneur. And the way the industry and its male constituents has embraced and supported our group is a huge reason for our progress.”

“I have seen my industry peers and our organisations make adjustments to foster inclusivity and actively close the gender gap in the Streaming Media technology community. We still have a journey ahead of us in the streaming media community, but I hope that sharing what’s made a difference to enact change might inspire change in other communities. Progress is possible!”