Prianka Dhir – Founder & CEO of BoothIQ and Booked



“My name is Prianka and I’m the Founder and CEO of BoothIQ and Booked: The Digital Summit for Wedding Pros.”

“In the summer of 2016, I moved to San Francisco, CA to grow my technology startup BoothIQ. I had spent my career up to that point working with small businesses, supporting them with offline marketing strategy – specifically in the trade show space. As a result, I became very passionate about creating the best technology solution for consumer trade show marketing and built what is now BoothIQ.”




“As a woman of colour, my choice to build a technology company was not a traditional career move. I knew picking this career path would come with it’s own unique set of challenges – from raising capital to building a team, especially in the male-dominated tech world. My journey paving the path for my company is similar to that of many other women who are also building businesses and pioneering change in their own industries. The journey is hard, but necessary.” 

“I am thankful for all of the opportunities that have been provided to me because of the women who have opened the doors in my industry in the past. I also recognise the responsibility I have to continue to open doors for others in the future.”

“International Women’s Day for me, is a time to celebrate the achievements of women everywhere – regardless of industry, career, or role. May we always continue to find ways to open doors for each other.”