Mia Abbruzzese & Alexandra Fennell – Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Attn: Grace

Website: https://attngrace.com/

“Mia Abbruzzese & Alexandra Fennell are the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Attn: Grace, the first sustainable wellness brand created specifically for women as they age.”

“The personal care category for ageing women has historically been anything but personal, and Attn: Grace is changing that — designing more thoughtful, body-and-earth-friendly solutions to highly stigmatised health issues that women tend to face in their 40’s and beyond. Their launch collection tackles bladder leakage, a condition that affects at least 1-in-3 women, but is rarely discussed and vastly underreported.”

“Their POV as female entrepreneurs, who sit squarely in the same 40+ demographic that the brand is built to serve, has guided their mission and plays a profound role in how they relate to their community and customers. This is a category that has historically been dominated by male executives and faceless CPG giants. And other new DTC brands in this space are either similarly led by men, or by youthful teams who are many years removed from the problems they are  attempting to solve.”




“Attn: Grace is taking a more discerning approach — by designing and developing a line of high-performance products that eliminate harsh chemicals in favour of gentle, plant-based ingredients, and forging meaningful connections with women who have been largely overlooked by modern brands.  Attn: Grace, as a brand, is as relatable as its founders. Women are loving seeing themselves in a company and product line built for them, and led by smart, thoughtful women in their midlife.”

When you’re out to disrupt the status quo, you’ll be told that what you’re setting out to do can’t be done. But remember, when you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

“Female founders are bringing new tools to the table. Don’t underestimate the game-changing power of the female perspective, and in this case, the “older” female perspective. We are shattering more than ceilings by bringing our most personal life experiences and learnings to the table.  And in doing so, we’re pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible in these historically male-dominated categories.”