Kasuni Rathnasuriya – Founder of KUR Collection


Website: https://kurcollection.com/

KUR Collection, founded by Kasuni Rathnasuriya, is a brand that works to empower all women at its core.

Born in the Southern coasts of Sri Lanka, Kasuni was blessed to embrace the blended heritage of Portuguese and Dutch culture as one. She began the sustainable brand in 2011 as a one-of-a-kind brand that fuses the tradition of handmade Beeralu/Bobbin lace into contemporary fashion.




Kasuni employs an all-women crew of rural artisans, forging a sustainable community that upholds the centuries-old practice of lace weaving. With emphasis on traceability and craftsmanship, this community is encouraging women to preserve an age old craft. When asked about how women can continue to build each other up, she says,  “Strength and courage are the buzzwords of our story of empowerment. We have to educate and stand up for each other yet achieve success with harmony.