Rose Adkins Hulse – Founder of ScreenHits Limited



Launched in 2012 by industry insider Rose Adkins Hulse, ScreenHits Limited, is an award-winning technology company that develops B2B content monetization platforms and direct to consumer streaming services.

Through the leadership of its founder, ScreenHits TV has pioneered a way to enhance content discovery across all platforms – eliminate the endless scrolling and switching between apps to find something to watch.

ScreenHits TV’s solution provides consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to find, stream and binge their favourite shows, as well as discover new ones – all in one place, it also allows streaming platforms with enhanced discovery opportunities to ensure their app is always top of mind with consumers.

This International Women’s Day, Rose Adkins Hulse is reflecting on how being a female leader in the tech space has challenged and motivated her to continue her growth as an entrepreneur and CEO of an emerging start up.

“It is a great challenge indeed to be a female tech entrepreneur for all the obvious reasons; however, I embrace the challenge.”

“Nothing inspires me more than someone discounting my efforts and ideas or the ability to create and grow life into a new business. We are women at the end of the day – we have the ability to create and grow the most important thing on this planet…life. I use this simple metaphor to get me through the very difficult challenges of creating and growing a new business.”

“I proudly admit I don’t look like the typical CEO, but my brain thinks like one. I have great vision and ideas and there are people in the industry who have paved the way for companies like mine to be heard and be a part of the solution and fabric of our future.”

“I would not be being truthful if I didn’t admit my greatest challenge, which is the sadness I face at times when I struggle with the natural desires of focusing on being a great mom and wife, while at the same time being a great boss and leader. It is a very difficult balancing act, as I see both as my family, but I have learned by setting parameters and not breaking those, I am able to fulfil both roles.”