A Chat with Alexsander Frolov, Co-Founder at Tech Influencer Agency: HypeFactory

HypeFactory is one of the first influencer marketing agencies to launch campaigns since 2017. We use powerful AI algorithms to create marketing campaigns and find top-performing influencers around the world. We’ve worked with Tech companies from all over the world, creating top performing campaigns across Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter platforms. Personally, it’s crazy for me to acknowledge that we’ve been lucky to work with big and outstanding brands from the Philippines to the USA.

HypeFactory has close connections with a unique pool of international influencers. We’ve recently launched our Talent Management service and aim to foster meaningful relationships between brands and talented influencers for long-term collaborations. As the co-founder of HypeFactory, I am incredibly proud of the work that our team has done.

In fact, we’ve launched 1069 campaigns and have had 156 clients who were very happy with our work. Our campaigns have been seen by over 12.4 billion people worldwide, which is just mind-blowing! We are super excited to keep pushing the boundaries and challenging stereotypes to make the most impactful campaigns possible for our clients.

HYPEFACTORY Influencer Marketing Agency based in Indiana, US | Review


What do you think makes the company unique?

HypeFactory utilizes cutting-edge technology, AI-powered platform HypeDetect, and takes a trends-oriented approach. We combine extensive experience across various business sectors that makes us equipped to deliver business goals. Our AI algorithm evaluates 68.7 million influencers across 5 platforms, using 54 metrics to identify the ones that fulfill our clients’ objectives.

Engaging audiences through user-generated content, providing subscribers with incentives, and visually stunning short videos on YouTube and Instagram will be highly effective in 2023. And we’ve already proven our ability to implement these trends successfully this year.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The influencer marketing landscape experienced a boom in growth since the late 2010’s. We had to find a new way of filtering through the abundance of choice when scouting influencers. This led us to develop an AI-powered platform, HypeDetect, which helps brands choose the right influencers that fit their objectives and target audience.

Since 2022, we’ve entered new markets in Asia, and SEA regions. We’ve expanded our services with the launch of our Talent Management service, which offers centralized resources and tools for identifying, reaching out to, communicating with, and monitoring the performance of influencers. We’re helping brands establish more effective collaborations with talent, leading to improved campaign results, while creators receive support in content creation and reliable cooperation.

What can we hope to see from HypeFactory in the future?

We’re constantly improving our AI tool to provide the most accurate performance forecast possible. In the coming years, we plan to increase the number of metrics and expand our base of influencers.

We’re launching our consulting services that will offer quick analysis and solutions for clients who want to explore new channels using the latest technology.

Quality standards will remain a top priority as we continue to hire talented and motivated market professionals. We care about making sure that the people who work with HypeFactory have good working conditions and are happy with their job. It’s important to us and to me, personally, to put policies that promote diversity and inclusivity.