Interview with Caroline Walton of TieTa – “Step Off The Treadmill and Take Control of Your Customer Service”

TechRound spoke to Caroline Walton, the founder of TieTa, a company that has redefined the outsourced customer service experience – including how they have adapted and grown during the pandemic and how they are helping a number of companies including fit-to-fly covid testing.




Tell Us About Tieta


TieTa was previously the customer service arm of one of the UK’s largest short term lenders, helping over 300,000 customers through their loan applications, collections and quality monitoring over an 8 year period.

Today, TieTa is effectively helping businesses or all sizes as an outsourced customer service centre. With a fully operational team based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, your company’s customer services can be white labelled, with TieTa already working with regulated finance companies, insurance firms and one of the UK’s largest fit-to-fly businesses.

The customer service proposition is completely seamless. Our call experts become an extension of your team. Being integrated with your systems, we can support your customer service calls, emails, live chat and social media campaigns – with overflow, out-of-hours and weekend support too.


How Has Tieta Adapted During The Covid Pandemic?


In 2020 when the UK were struck by the pandemic Covid 19, TieTa were already ahead of the curve, working from home had been prepared months earlier and so within days of the first national lockdown being announced the TieTa team, including all contact centre agents, were already working from home successfully.”


“Companies are stuck on a never-ending treadmill, but with TieTa, things could be better tomorrow”


With the pandemic, a lot of companies are on a treadmill and they can’t jump off. We know this pain. With staff members at home or on furlough, there is a lack of consistency for many businesses and operations are not running as smoothly.

With TieTa, we have a team of agents ready for you in a week or just a few days. We say that you might be struggling now, but it could be better as soon as tomorrow.


TieTa offers an outsourced customer service team, with a passion for understanding your brand values and delivering quality service and feedback to you


You Recently Started Working with a Fit-to-Fly Covid Testing Company, correct?


One of our most recent clients is My Health Checked, a company running fit-to-fly, general, test to release and day 2 & 8 covid tests knew that without support they could be overwhelmed with calls, enquiries and bookings and they simply mightn’t cope. They managed to avoid the treadmill by integrating with TieTa, we are now effectively managing their customer service needs and the company is operating to its best and fullest capacity.


Why Use Tieta Over a Traditional Concierge Service?


You can pay for a concierge service to pick up your phone, but with TieTa you are getting UK agents who are well trained and highly experienced in regulated financial services, amongst other genres.

We want to be a real partner of your business and learn with you too. The insights you get from your customers can be extremely valuable and we want to pass on this feedback and make your business as strong as possible. For the moment though, you can focus on what you do best and let TieTa take care of the rest!


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