Interview with Anthony Taylor, Managing Director at Limelight

We caught up with Anthony Taylor, Managing Director at Limelight, to talk all things from Limelight from the start up to today…


Why Was the Business Started? 

Limelight was created because we felt there was a real gap in the market to be a niche Marketing Agency for startups. We’ve always found working with them in the past to be very rewarding and successful and they’ve undoubtedly been some of our best clients. That’s the primary reason we turned our focus to startups with the creation of Limelight.


How are you Different?

Aside from the obvious difference to other Digital Marketing agencies in that we specialise in helping Startups, we also differ in that we aim to become an integral part of our clients businesses and form a valuable part of their wider team, rather than a separate entity as such. We also make sure to thoroughly research any potential client and their industry to make sure we can work together successfully before we begin working with them.




What Have you Learnt?

Despite still being a relitavely new company, our team has always had a wealth of experience in marketing fields such as SEO, PPC & Social Media. However, since launching Limelight we’ve learnt a huge amount about the inner workings of UK Startups and the stresses and strains that come with it. It’s been challenging yet very rewarding!


What Are your Plans for Growth? 

Despite having less than 10 full time staff members currently, we are now working with several large tech startups in a number of varying industries such as Automotive, Higher Education, Beauty, Construction, Property, Retail, Events, Apps and more. We manage a media spend well in excess of a million pounds per annum and want to continue to increase the number of Startups we work with whilst maintaining and improving the service we offer.