Interview with Danny Lowe, Founder of Functional Chewing Gum Brand BLOCKHEAD

Danny Lowe, Blockhead

We caught up with Danny Lowe, founder of functional chewing gum brand BLOCKHEAD, on how an idea he had whilst studying sports science at University has developed into an industry-disrupting range of products….

How did you come up with the idea for BLOCKHEAD?

I’ve always been interested in performance and started studying sports science at University. In a number of lectures, we looked at mechanisms to provide a performance boost to athletes as quickly as possible. One that stuck with me was giving them mouthwash that was high in sugar and caffeine, as the ingredients are absorbed quickly and efficiently through the gums (though this meant 5 minutes of swilling, which is pretty hard and nasty).

Over the summer, I was thinking about introducing these active ingredients through chewing gum; it has all the same benefits without the nasty taste – and it can be done on the go. I spent a lot of time by phoning around and developing what became our first product: Energy Gum.

The samples arrived, and some months later whilst doing my dissertation, I sold it to friends, friends of friends, and other students who were looking to boost their performance whilst revising for exams. I quickly realised that the benefits of the Energy Gum, which contains the caffeine equivalent of a shot of espresso, meant it was more than just a sports performance product.

Now we are looking at helping people find their focus through a wider range of functional confectionery. Whether it’s an energy boost, a vitamin boost or a dose of calmness. It is very exciting.

Why did you think the gum industry needed disrupting?

After researching chewing gum as a delivery mechanism, I was blown away by how effective it could be at delivering ingredients. What struck me was how the current chewing gum market was just a series of different flavours and packaging sizes, when it could be so much more.

At BLOCKHEAD, we are building a portfolio of amazing gum that delivers more than just fresh breath!

What inspired you to enter the CBD market?

CBD is an incredibly interesting ingredient. The research around CBD and its benefits is fascinating, with its stress-relieving properties even believed to improve sporting recovery. As an increasingly popular consumer market, it seems that there is a new scientific journal coming out around the benefits of CBD every week!

The market has grown rapidly as people are learning more about it. However, most people administer CBD through oil, which isn’t particularly enjoyable. Through chewing gum, we can deliver it orally with a great minty taste, small doses and effective delivery.

What can we expect from BLOCKHEAD in the coming months?

We are constantly innovating and looking at ways to grow our product range. In fact, we have some new product launches set to launch in the coming months, so watch this space!

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