Interview with Luca Feser, Growth Manager at Klevio: ‘Changing the game of access management’

Klevio: Remote Access for a covid-safe environment 


Remote work, remote interviewing, remote meetings and remote access – most likely the top searched phrases in the last few weeks. Especially remote access has become a talking point for many organizations as it involves the wellbeing of their stakeholders.


Whether a block of flats or an office building, lots of properties still depend on physical keys, fobs or cards to open doors. This is where London-based startup Klevio sees a great opportunity: to help managers easily upgrade their properties with modern smart-lock technology that makes keys digital, so that they can be used or shared with ease from a smartphone or computer, no matter where the person is. You can grant and control access for contractors, guests, or even large numbers of people like a group of employees or residents in a block.


This means Klevio kind of works like a buzzer for your doors that you can always carry with you. And needless to say, in a time of social distancing, work from home and countless deliveries, having the option to manage access remotely is priceless.


Klevio wishes to change the game of access management with their remote keyless access control solution throughout a whole range of industries.

An example of Klevio’s successful application has been in the lettings industry. Even before the virus became a reality this year, there has been a significant move towards self check-in for the flexibility that it enabled guests. Now, during the pandemic, self check-in is also obviously considered safer than a meet-and-greet, so many companies have realized that this has become an essential feature for their offering in the future.

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Klevio has also successfully kept access under control in other areas where numbers of people come and go on a regular basis, even in times of a pandemic – spaces like offices, post rooms, gyms, music studios… Communal & shared spaces like this bring a lot of complexity and it’s helpful to know how many people are allowed in at any time, and for how long. And of course, the ability to unlock these spaces remotely in case of emergencies or last-minute requests is an additional bonus.


Klevio’s mission has always been to lighten the load of key & access management for everyone. This is why the product has been designed to be broadly compatible with all kinds of locks and entry systems without the need to change any existing keys. But this year, it has become apparent that solutions like Klevio are not only a more efficient, but even a safer way to manage access. And as deliveries, remote services and working from home become more and more common, the benefits of remote keyless access can only become more relevant.

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