Interview with Matt Ong, CEO and Founder of Ctrl Alt


Tokenisation expert, Ctrl Alt recently announced a partnership with Liv Bank (part of Emirates NBD) to open up access to investing opportunities in the growing sector of real-world assets. We caught up with Matt Ong, Founder, and CEO to learn more about this exciting partnership.


Congratulations On Announcing Your Recent Partnership With Liv Bank – Tell Us More About It


Thank you. Yes, we’re really excited to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Liv Bank (part of Emirates NBD) to open up access to investing opportunities in tokenised real-world-assets (RWA). The partnership is the first of its kind in the region and we’re proud to be making this happen.

Leveraging our expertise in financial engineering and infrastructure solutions, Liv will be exploring empowering its customers with access to the previously exclusive world of tokenised assets.

This partnership also represents a significant milestone for the wider investment landscape. Through our solutions, we’re supporting Liv to be at the forefront of innovation, catering to the demands of the next generation of investors who seek broader access to exciting opportunities through tokenised asset investing.



We’ve Witnessed An Increasing Demand For Tokenised Assets In The Last Few Years. Why Do You Think More Investors Are Looking To Tokenised Assets?


Great question. Yes, there’s no doubt the demand has increased at scale. We’re witnessing a trillion-dollar asset class that is transforming the way we invest and as a result, opening up exciting innovation opportunities within financial services. The pace of growth shows no signs of slowing down, especially with the projected $16 trillion business opportunity in the tokenisation of global illiquid assets by 2030 (Boston Consulting Group).

In addition, we’re seeing leading financial institutions engage at speed. Just last month, the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, launched what it states is its first tokenised money market fund.

This surge in interest is also being propelled by a new generation of investors who are reshaping traditional investment models, advocating for greater diversification. Bank of America’s data underscores this trend, revealing that 80% of young investors are actively seeking alternative investments.

Following The Above Stats, How Do You Feel Banks Like Liv Playing A Role In Opening Up Opportunities?


This partnership symbolises an exciting shift in banking, where institutions are adapting to cater to the needs of the next generation of investors.

As the digital arm of parent bank Emirates NBD, Liv represents the future of banking with its focused commitment to customer-centric innovation. We’re really pleased to be supporting them in providing opportunities for the next generation of investors seeking diversification starting with Liv customers.


Tell Us More About How Ctrl Alt’s Technology And Expertise Can Make Partnerships With Banks Such As Liv Happen:


At Ctrl Alt, we focus on using cutting-edge technology and financial expertise to create tailored infrastructure solutions. Essentially, our aim is to make structuring and investing in tokenised asset classes efficient, cost-effective, and accessible from banks to fund managers.

For banks such as Liv, we offer a range of solutions including our SPV 3.0 product that provides access to diverse digital assets, including real-world assets via digital wrapper structuring. Once we’ve structured the assets, they are then made available via our distribution solution which includes our API. This means that financial institutions can seamlessly integrate the option for their customers to invest in tokenised assets directly through their existing platforms.

Put simply, imagine opening your banking app and being able to easily explore and invest in tokenised assets powered by Ctrl Alt? That’s what we’re making possible.


What Are Ctrl Alt’s Plans Moving Forward?


It’s an incredibly exciting time for us as we forge partnerships like Liv, alongside other exciting opportunities that we’re looking forward to sharing more on soon.

We’re also very pleased to have launched our Funds 3.0 product solution following growing demand in the sector. We’re working with fund managers to help eliminate the endless paperwork and intermediates with traditional fund structuring from the get-go with tokenised structuring for both new and existing funds.