Meet Dhana Dhanasekaran, CEO at Deep Tech Innovation Company: 1TX

1TX is a deep tech innovation company under the Prytek group with the vision to transform the future of innovation & testing using a unique patented platform that revolutionises and addresses the pain points of the end-to-end innovation and testing process. 1TX uses technology to drive innovation and testing using two platform solutions:

  1. 1TX Open Innovation Platform (OIP)
  2. 1TX 1 Platform

With these two technology solutions, we provide Innovation as Service, Testing as a Service and Automation as a Service. With solid R&D based out of Israel and a development and customer success team spread across Singapore, US, Malaysia, and India, we bring top-notch products and services to the global market.
Prytek owned prooV™ and QAssure Technologies merge into 1TX to tackle the  challenges faced by innovators, enterprises and crowd testing communities

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Technology is becoming a key disruptor for any business model across industries.

1TX firmly believes that we need a technology ecosystem that allows enterprises to ideate, test, validate, and collaborate internally and externally from the crowd using solution providers, the gig worker community, universities, and research to come out with new ideas and solutions to complex problems. This makes it more compelling for any business to accelerate innovation adoption by validating new technological solutions fast and taking them to market.

1TX Autonomous OIP & 1Platform on the cloud enable enterprises and start-ups to accelerate innovation adoption starting from ideation to validate and test the ideated solution to deploy to production and monitor.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the last couple of years, 1TX has successfully implemented the platform across leading global banks, consulting, and governments. We are migrating all our testing platforms from the on-premises to the cloud and providing the services from the cloud using our in-house professional services team and external crowd.

We work closely with universities and governments to set up innovation labs using our platform and services. We are now aggressively planning expansion to the UK.

What can we hope to see from 1TX in the future?

1TX has placed itself in a unique position as an Innovation company with a unique platform and services. 1TX helps uplift the internal innovation services within the organisation by providing white glove services in validating the solutions using defined technical and business KPIs.

This will help the enterprises focus on the top solutions and bring them quickly to the market. We have a complete product road map for our platform to be used from the cloud that helps to come out with new use cases for the 1TX platform to technology transform the business.