Meet Scott Muncaster, Owner & Managing Director at People-First Software Company: Adactus

Adactus is a people-first software company specialising in web development, mobile applications, customised e-commerce, CRM and loyalty solutions. Since launching in 2001 we’ve helped some of the biggest names in hospitality and adapted them for SMEs, by enhancing consumer, employee, and user experience through bespoke technology solutions. Our software puts people first and delivers great experiences, improving guest satisfaction, driving sales, reducing cost and retaining staff.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in designing technology solutions. We know hospitality and the people who shape it. We specifically help hospitality businesses improve their digital systems and processes, such as Reservations and visit planning, Ordering and payment and Ordering and payment.
Hospitality software that delivers great experiences | Adactus Ltd

What do you think makes this company unique?

We think our company is unique due to our attitude to building and sustaining relationships with clients, taking the time to understand how businesses operate and how the technology fits together to enhance their offering.

We create long term tech alliances; it’s not just about the sale for us – that’s not our first priority. For Adactus it’s important that we get to know the client’s business and what makes them tick. Then we can truly configure a solution that’s right. It’s this alliance that makes us strong and unique and why our clients stay with us.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We’ve built components to be configured to exactly what a brand needs – we don’t expect everywhere to work the same. If you make pizza your ordering process will be more complex than if you have a simpler product, and the same is also true if you need a self-service option. We configure the tech to suit the needs of each business.

Restaurants need good food, good service, and a good environment to be successful. What defines ‘good’ will vary from restaurant to restaurant depending on the brand and the customer expectations.

Over the last two years external factors have put pressure on restaurants’ ability to deliver their version of ‘good’. Food and labour costs have risen, staff availability is a difficulty, and fit-out costs are inflated, but we have found ways for technology to help.

For example, when there are staff shortages, technology can cover some operational tasks so a shift can be run with a smaller team.

Every restaurant will have different challenges, so our technology is designed to flex for specific circumstances.

What can we hope to see from Adactus in the future?

The sector is changing rapidly to reflect economic realities, so we need to be quick to react, developing the new features that our clients and their customers need.

We need to recognise that most guests and customers have become very tech savvy over the last few years and are more than willing to use technology in restaurants if it adds value to their experience.

For example, the idea that showing pictures and words describing your products is somehow ‘downmarket’ is no longer true, when the images and words are delivered via a beautiful website.

We will continue to innovate across all restaurant operations; developing technology that enhances the brand experience.