A Proper Roast: Dog and Hat Coffee

Being huge coffee fans and with people in the UK enjoying better quality coffee than ever before in the comfort of our own homes, TechRound thought it only fair that we speak to some of the UK’s best roasters and coffee experts who bring some of the best coffees to all of us on such a regular basis…

Dog and Hat are one of the UK’s best multi roaster coffee subscription services, featuring in the Independents top 10 and leading in the UK space, we have won several awards and have a very accountable environmental policy. Dog and Hat take coffee from roasters all over the UK the world and ship out to our subscribers, boxes are available in 2,3 or 4 box combinations.

Why the Name?

Well we love pictures of dogs in hats make me and the kids laugh a lot, so that part was easy, we love receiving all the picture of Dogs in Hats across out socials, and its always fun to get Roasters dog pictures!

Who Are The Brains Behind the Company?

Dog and Hat is owned by Su Morgan, and we are based out of York in the North of England. Su has been a technical presale consultant for a number of years and has a passion for drumming and coffee and loves a bit of Yoga.

What Inspired You To Start The Company In The First Place And Why?

Well, I had worked for years in technology, travelling all over the world at times and drank coffee in some great coffee shops. Then we had baby #1… then baby #2 and the company I worked for was sold and I very quickly missed the technology in my life. #allegedly the golden rule of starting a business is to choose a topic you love, so I chose coffee and then e-commerce. Both topics we love and would fill the massive tech void I had coupled nicely with our hopeful goal to build a business with a community spirit.

We also felt that great coffee needs to be brought into the home more, and with the right price (£17 for 2 bags) we offer the value to enable this as a constant monthly cost for coffee, rather than it being considered a luxury. Fast forward 3 years and we are thriving business with a community of people around that that are truly amazing.

In A Market That Is Only Increasing In Interest, What Drives You To Keep Going And Why?

We are driving by the love of coffee and technology, we are in a great position with online sales, we want to increase our sale to in turn pass larger orders onto our Roasting family, we love the community we are involved in and want to help it flourish. We also support charities and work closely with a couple of coffee charities her in the UK. I believe Community and charity matter.

What Makes Dog And Hat Different To Other Speciality Subscriptions Providers?

Customer-Focused – Educational – Different-Value

These are a few words hat describe us, along with the above values we are SCA certificated and choose all our coffee based on industry standards, and that is important as its not all our tastes, the coffees qualities.

How Are People’s Behaviours And Views Towards Coffee Changing In The UK?

People are starting to enjoy coffee in a leisurely manor here in the UK, and especially in the home. It is an amazing treat to go to a coffee shop and meet a friend over coffee, or a super moment to take 15 mins to yourself and take a moment of self-care.

What Makes Dog And Hat So Special?

We care about every coffee, every customer and love what we do.

What Next?

Dog and Hat have launched their dialled in International subscription, which only features coffee from overseas, so far, we have featured Gardelli and Keen and have so many more big guns of the coffee world to come in.

How Can We Find You?

All our subscription can be bought online via our website www.dogandhat.co.uk

How Much Does It Cost?

Here is the thing, a subscription of this nature must be of value to the consumer? There is no point starting a subscription and being extortionate. D&H are £17 for 2 bags and £24 for 3 and £31 for 4. This is important, as these are competitive to roaster prices.