Q&A with Sean Nolan, CEO, Blink

Blink is an enterprise solution app designed to empower key workers on the frontline. It provides them with a single platform to access key information and connect with their colleagues.

Tell Us About Blink

Blink allows companies to push out updates to employees’ personal phones such as wellbeing and compliance messages, or Covid-19 announcements. It transforms the experience of employees who feel disconnected or excluded from the workplace: Blink gives them a voice to feedback managers, an input in day-to-day operations, a resource to seek help. And crucially, it protects them: transference risk is eliminated with the use of digital forms.

18 months on from our customer launch, Blink is deployed in over 100 organisations in 14 countries: our customers include Stagecoach, Domino’s, the NHS and the Prison Service. So far, we’ve raised £8.2million in capital, led by Paris and San Francisco based venture capital firm Partech alongside a roster of high profile Angel Investors.

And we’re growing. In 2020 alone, the Blink team doubled in size: we now have offices in London, Sydney and New York.

What Does The App Do?

Blink functions as an all-in-one employee ‘super app;’ it hosts everything a frontline worker needs, accessible at the touch of a button on their personal smartphone. With Blink, employees can view rosters, complete digital forms for leave, absence and accidents, load digital payslips, and feedback managers directly.

It also includes a secure frontline messaging service. This is particularly meaningful right now, as it reduces companies’ need for face-to-face contact between workers, while supporting their frontline in real-time. With the service, workers can provide peer-to-peer support and raise issues or concerns with managers, in a way that feels discrete and natural.

Blink uses micro-apps to create a customised experience for its users. Micro-apps are a fast, easy and protected means of developing mobile-first, desktop-enabled enterprise apps. Let’s say you want to build an on-boarding app for new starters. To work well, it needs to sync with your finance, HR, IT, room booking, and calendars, to pull data from each. Normally, you would need advanced coding knowledge and several months to develop something like this. But, using a micro-app inside Blink, they are exceptionally easy and fast to build, In fact, we believe micro-apps are the future of enterprise software: they enable every team to create any app to solve their problems.

How Blink Help Companies During the Covid-19 Outbreak?

Throughout this difficult time, Blink has worked in partnership with our customers to support essential and key workers for whom Covid–19 has hit hardest with technology. Healthcare, fast-food and travel workers, for example, have not benefited by business web conference communication tools such as Slack or Zoom. Blink provides these workers with a digital identity, and more importantly, acts as an intermediary for key workers and frontline staff to share and discuss relevant news, legislation and policy updates.

April 2020 saw Blink’s most significant uptake since we launched, due in part to the number of companies who adopted Blink as part of their Covid-19 response; we saw highest growth in Healthcare and Care Home sectors. In acknowledgement of Covid-19, we have waived our usual sign-up process: any company can get started with Blink immediately, with a 14-day free trial, 24/7 support, and a 100 day money-back guarantee.

Where Do You See Blink in Five Years’ Time?

The past two months saw unprecedented change and accelerated investment in the frontline; we expect this to continue. I believe this will signify a permanent shift in the status and public perception of key workers, who sit at the heart of our society, economy and values. The movement to empower and protect frontline workers is at the core of Blink’s existence. We work hard to solve their problems, reduce their burdens, and shield them from unnecessary transference risks.

In five years’ time, we hope Blink will be the app every frontline worker opens every day and we hope those workers’ lives will be easier, happier and more fulfilling as a result.