A Chat with Taly Nechushtan, CEO at FoodTech Company: InnovoPro

InnovoPro is a fast-growing FoodTech company that produces a unique, award-winning, chickpea protein-based platform for the global B2B food & nutrition market.

At InnovoPro, we aim to transform the way people eat across the globe by helping our customers create products that people, not only feel good about eating because they are sustainable, clean label, and healthier than other options on the market today, but also by making these foods and beverages taste great.
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What do you think makes this company unique?

While the global market for healthier and more sustainable products has been gradually expanding, there is still a gap within the food industry. Current plant-based proteins continue to fall short when it comes to fully addressing consumers’ demand for both clean-label and sustainable products that don’t compromise on the taste or texture of the finished products.

This is where InnovoPro stands out. Our flagship product, CP-Pro 70®, is a unique all-in-one solution for the plant-based market. It’s neutral taste doesn’t overcome other flavors and has a great texture, and it has an excellent nutritional profile that makes it a great solution for various food and beverages categories.

Based on the CP-Pro 70®, we developed a range chickpea protein platform with highly functional and nutritional ingredients, enabling global food manufacturers to formulate a wide range of clean-label products with a short ingredient list that are both sustainable and great-tasting.

Environmentally, InnovoPro is addressing the larger climate change crisis through its chickpea protein concentrate product that consumes a lower water and energy footprint and doesn’t use organic solvents.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Our flagship ingredient CP-Pro 70® was launched in 2019 to help customers develop a variety of dairy alternative products ranging from yogurt, beverages, cheese, ice creams, smoothies, high-protein drinks, and more.

Based on the CP-Pro 70®, we have expanded from dairy alternatives to meat alternative and egg replacement categories by unveiling two new products designed to revolutionize the global food and beverage industry.

One of them is CP-XTURA™, the first-ever chickpea-based textured protein for meat-alternatives. Thanks to its functional benefits and essential nutritional values, CP-XTURA™ delivers great-texture, bite, and mouthfeel. This helps the food industry to formulate non-allergenic consumer-favorite foods that meet the rising demand for both tastier and more sustainable food choices.

The second product we recently launched, CP-FOAM, is an egg white replacement that can be used for meringues, mousses, and other vegan desserts. It provides foaming capabilities that create stiff peaks without an aftertaste.

Furthermore, InnovoPro already successfully established its presence in North America and Europe. Our chickpea protein is commercially available and has strong traction with dozens of customers across 12 countries. Our customers range from large corporates like Migros, the giant Swiss retailer, to medium size local companies, to innovative CPG startups. Based on this success, starting 2022, we decided to invest in entering Asian markets, targeting food companies who would like to innovate in plant-based food with our portfolio of chickpea-protein-based ingredients.

What can we hope to see from InnovoPro in the future?

 InnovoPro plans to further develop new chickpea protein-based solutions and support our customers in formulating better food choices.

As part of our sustainable business model, we also aim to utilize all chickpea side-streams and implement a “zero-waste” plan for the production process.

As we intend to significantly increase our growth trajectory worldwide, we are now expanding to new territories and targeting the US and Asia food industries. This will allow us to continue searching for new opportunities to provide alternative and more sustainable protein-rich products.

InnovoPro will be attending Food Ingredients Europe in Paris from December 6 to December 8, 2022. We are excited to showcase our latest creations including plant-based fish balls with tartar sauce, egg-free blinis, and vegan meringues in strawberry and cocoa-coconut flavors. The new offerings are made with InnovoPro’s product portfolio, which is dynamic enough to create an entire menu of foods – from appetizers to desserts – that are sustainable, great-tasting, and clean-label.  With the food and beverage industry shifting rapidly, we are at a monumental turning point, especially in the meat alternative market.

Our chickpea protein is an incredible example of where the industry is headed, and we are excited to give the world a glimpse of what new, forward-thinking solutions we have on the horizon. Join us and visit InnovoPro at booth 7.2L10.