10 German Startups To Watch In 2024

Germany has slowly become one of the world’s biggest startup hubs, and their tech scene is buzzing with startups set to redefine industries and drive sustainable solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at 10 German startups that we think are worth watching in 2024 and beyond…


1. Knowunity: Global Learning EdTech


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Knowunity, the Berlin-based EdTech disruptor, is reshaping education with its dynamic platform. With over 2.6 million active users, it seamlessly integrates social learning and verified educational content.

Backed by prominent investors, Knowunity fosters collaboration and accessibility in education, empowering students worldwide to experience the future of interactive learning.


2. Nosh: Fungi-Powered Innovation


Seed Round - Nosh Biofoods - 2023-04-21 - Crunchbase Funding Round Profile


Berlin’s Nosh is revolutionising the food industry with its cutting-edge approach to meat alternatives.

Using mycelium, a protein-rich compound found in fungi, Nosh creates sustainable meat substitutes. With €3.2 million in funding, they’ve perfected the art of cloning fungi biomass, delivering products with meat-like texture and taste. Nosh’s eco-friendly, price-competitive offerings are reshaping how we view plant-based proteins.


3. Nelly: Empowering Healthcare Through Digital Efficiency


Berlin-based fintech Nelly raises €4 million in seed round


Nelly, a Berlin-based startup, is transforming patient care with its digital admissions platform.

Simplifying admin tasks, Nelly enables patients to complete medical forms, sign documents, and process payments via smartphones. With €15 million in funding, Nelly enhances efficiency for healthcare professionals, minimising paperwork and improving overall patient experience. Their innovative approach streamlines healthcare operations, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing costs.


4. BLUU Seafood: Sustainably Cultivated Seafood


Bluu Seafood presents first cultivated seafood products in Europe - ready to enter regulatory approval process in Asia, the U.S., the UK, and the EU


BLUU Seafood, the forward-thinking food biotech startup, is redefining the seafood industry.

By cultivating fish cells and combining them with plant-based proteins, BLUU creates hybrid products like fish balls and fish fingers. Their sustainable approach eliminates the need for traditional fishing, offering eco-conscious consumers a guilt-free option. With €16 million in funding, BLUU Seafood is set to transform the market, providing ethical alternatives to seafood enthusiasts.


5. Eaze: Sleep Revolutionised Through Digital Coaching




Berlin-based health tech startup Eaze is enhancing sleep quality with its personalised coaching app rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Connecting users with sleep experts, Eaze offers data-driven treatments to combat sleep issues.

With €1.7 million in funding, the app addresses both economic and health-related implications of sleep problems. By focusing on sustainable, long-term solutions, Eaze is reshaping how we approach rest, promoting better mental and physical well-being.



6. Mondu: Simplifying B2B Payments


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Mondu, the Berlin-based B2B payment software company, streamlines business transactions with flexible payment solutions.

Their Buy Now, Pay Later platform simplifies vendor payments, offering purchase on invoice, SEPA direct debit, and Installments. With €89.3 million in funding, Mondu provides secure, hassle-free payment methods, protecting vendors from default risk. Experience effortless B2B payments with Mondu’s innovative solutions.


7. deepset: Transforming Language With AI


File:Deepset.svg - Wikipedia


Deepset, the Berlin-based AI startup, is at the forefront of natural language interface development. Their open-source framework, Haystack, empowers developers to create applications using large language models.

Serving major companies like Siemens and Airbus, deepset Cloud harnesses the potential of large language models for various business needs. With $30 million in funding, they focus on refining applications and optimising privacy constraints, revolutionising the way we interact with data through language.


8. Ivy: Streamlining Payments


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Ivy, the Munich-based fintech disruptor, is reshaping the payment landscape with its global API for instant bank payments. Their platform allows merchants to accept bank payments, bypassing card transactions and speeding up the payment process.

With €7 million in funding, Ivy’s API is operational in multiple regions, connecting millions of bank accounts globally. By offering a unified gateway, Ivy is simplifying payment processes for businesses and consumers alike.


9. Magnotherm: Eco-Friendly Refrigeration




Magnotherm, the climate tech startup, is revolutionising refrigeration with sustainable cooling technology. Their innovative magnetic cooling system, utilising temperature-active metal, cools water without harmful greenhouse gases.

With €5 million in funding, Magnotherm’s solution is 40% more efficient than conventional methods, offering an eco-friendly alternative. Reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption, Magnotherm paves the way for a greener future in refrigeration.


10. Bind-X: Binding Sustainability in Industrial Solutions


Bind-X • chemical startup | HTGF


Bind-X, the Munich-based biotech startup, is pioneering eco-friendly solutions for various sectors. Using biomineralisation, Bind-X binds loose substances, transforming raw materials for further processing. With €10 million in funding, their technology finds applications in dust suppression, weed management, and bitumen reduction.

Bind-X’s customisable solutions reduce waste and enhance sustainability, addressing industrial challenges while promoting environmentally conscious practices.

These startups represent the diverse and innovative landscape of Germany’s tech industry. With their visionary ideas, commitment to sustainability, and substantial funding, they are set to make a significant impact in 2024 and beyond. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they shape the future of technology and drive positive change in various sectors.


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