10 Romanian Startups To Keep An Eye On in 2024

Romania’s startup scene is thriving, with a diverse range of companies emerging as leaders in their respective fields.

From fintech to pet tech, these startups are not only innovating but also attracting significant investment. Here are ten Romanian startups to watch in 2024.


1. Hyperhuman: AI-Powered Fitness Content


Hyperhuman | LinkedIn


Hyperhuman is revolutionising the fitness industry with its cutting-edge AI technology. Founded in 2020, this Bucharest-based startup is transforming how fitness content is created and consumed.

By using AI to convert exercise videos into smart, reusable content blocks, Hyperhuman enables the rapid production of new, full-length video workouts. This innovation significantly reduces the time and cost involved in creating high-quality fitness content. With €800,000 in funding from four investors, Hyperhuman is poised to make a significant impact in the eHealth sector, offering a unique solution to fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike.


2. EasyDo Digital Technologies: Simplifying Logistics and Mobility


Trustlist - EasyDo Digital Technologies


Founded in 2018, EasyDo Digital Technologies is a Romanian IT company that specialises in providing logistics, smart mobility, and heritage management services. Despite being a relatively new player, EasyDo has quickly made a name for itself by offering streamlined and efficient solutions in these domains. The company’s approach to simplifying complex processes through technology has garnered attention in the Romanian business community.

Notably, EasyDo has not sought public startup funding, relying instead on its robust operational model and the quality of its service offerings to drive growth and success in a competitive market.


3. Undelucram: Transforming Recruitment


Undelucram.ro | RomanianStartups.com


Undelucram, established in 2011, is a unique Romanian startup operating in the recruitment industry. Based in Bucharest, it has developed a platform that not only facilitates job postings but also provides insights into workplace environments through employee reviews.

This innovative approach helps job seekers make informed decisions about their career paths. Since its inception, Undelucram has raised €837,500 from three investors, with its latest funding round in December 2022. The platform’s growing popularity highlights its effectiveness in bridging the gap between employers and potential employees, making it a vital tool in the modern job market.


4. Goodlegal: LawTech Advancements


Home | Your Legal Infrastructure Platform | Goodlegal.io


Goodlegal, founded in 2022, is a pioneering startup in Romania’s burgeoning LawTech sector. They have created a one-stop solution for a wide array of legal services, aiming to deliver the quality of in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost.

This innovative approach allows businesses to access high-quality legal services without the hefty price tag. Goodlegal’s potential was recognised early on, evidenced by their successful pre-seed funding round in November 2022, where they raised €1.2 million. This investment shows the market’s confidence in Goodlegal’s ability to transform legal services for businesses.


5. Digitail: Pet Tech Innovation


Digitail - All-in-one Cloud Veterinary Software


Digitail, a standout in the pet tech industry, has been revolutionising veterinary practice management since its inception. This Romanian startup offers a comprehensive solution that automates administrative tasks in vet clinics and enhances communication between vets and pet owners.

Their significant achievements include securing an $11 million Series A funding, one of Romania’s largest, and establishing a presence in over 750 clinics worldwide, impacting around 1.4 million pets. Digitail’s ongoing focus is expanding its market share in the U.S., demonstrating its ambition and potential for further global impact.



6. YAROOMS: Streamlining Room Bookings


SaaS company providing workplace management software raises €2 M - The Romania Journal


YAROOMS is redefining the way businesses manage room bookings for conferences and meetings. Founded in 2016 in Bucharest, this Romanian startup offers a sophisticated online booking platform that not only prevents double bookings but also enables users to track revenue generation.

Their innovative dashboard enhances operational efficiency and user experience. YAROOMS’s recent success in securing €2 million in funding from two investors in October 2022 highlights its growing influence and potential in the market. This funding is set to further fuel their expansion and solidify their position as a leader in room booking solutions.


7. Vatis Tech: Advancing Speech Recognition


AI-Powered Speech-to-Text Infrastructure - Vatis Tech


Vatis Tech, founded in 2020 and based in Bucharest, is a groundbreaking startup specialising in speech recognition technology. Their advanced programming interface caters to various industries, enhancing operational efficiency through accurate voice recognition.

This technology is designed to be more effective and accessible on a global scale. With a total fundraising of €850,000, including a recent seed round of €650,000 in January 2023, Vatis Tech is well-positioned to lead in the speech recognition sector. Their innovative approach and commitment to making advanced technology widely available mark them as a key player to watch.


8. Digitap: Hypercasual Gaming Network


Android Apps by Digitap on Google Play


Digitap, established in 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, has carved a niche in the gaming industry with its hypercasual gaming network. This platform is dedicated to creating a competitive yet casual gaming environment, focusing on easy-to-play games that foster a positive community.

The founders initially invested $360,000 and later attracted an additional $300,000 in funding in August 2020, showcasing their commitment and the platform’s potential. Digitap’s unique approach to casual gaming positions it as an innovative player in the rapidly evolving gaming sector.


9. Druid: Conversational AI Mastery


DRUID - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Druid, founded in 2018 in Bucharest, stands out in the competitive field of conversational AI. Their platform is designed for enterprise clients, offering advanced virtual assistants that streamline company resources and boost efficiency.

These AI-powered assistants are known for their high accuracy and contextual understanding, setting Druid apart in the market. With an impressive $20.6 million raised from six investors, including a substantial $15 million in a Series A round in May 2022, Druid’s funding success reflects its potential to transform customer interaction and enterprise operations globally.


10. Seedblink: Crowdfunding with a Twist


SeedBlink - Crunchbase Investor Profile & Investments


Seedblink is redefining the crowdfunding landscape in Romania, standing out with its unique approach of participating in investment rounds alongside venture capitalists. This innovative model, quite rare for a crowdfunding platform, distinguishes Seedblink in the startup investment scene.

By aligning with VC-led rounds, Seedblink provides retail investors with opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors, democratising access to early-stage investments. Their strategy not only supports startups in securing funds but also allows a broader spectrum of investors to partake in the growth of promising ventures, making Seedblink a noteworthy player in the evolving world of startup financing.

These startups not only highlight Romania’s growing influence in the global tech scene but also showcase the diversity and innovation within its startup ecosystem. From AI to cloud services, these companies are not just ones to watch in 2024 but also potential leaders in their fields for years to come.