10 Startups In Honduras To Watch

Honduras is becoming a centre in Central America for innovative startups that are set to make waves globally.

From agricultural technology to FinTech solutions, these ten startups are making waves both in Honduras and globally.


1. Gestopp: Agricultural Tech Innovation


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Gestopp is changing the agricultural sector in Honduras with its cloud-based service focused on the traceability of coffee from production to export.

Their platform ensures real-time traceability, enhanced data security, and easy access to information globally, making it a key player in improving Honduras’ coffee production.


2. Spirit Animal Coffee: Ethical Coffee Sourcing


Spirit Animal Coffee | LinkedIn


Spirit Animal Coffee creates ethically sourced, high-quality coffee.

By connecting consumers directly with coffee producers, they ensure fairness and sustainability in the coffee supply chain, while also offering unique flavours from Honduras.


3. Tengo: Financial Inclusion Platform


TENGO - Apps on Google Play


Tengo is making financial services more accessible to Hondurans with its innovative platform.

It offers a range of financial products and services including reloadable debit cards, payment transfers and a range of promotions, allowing people to manage their finances from their phones.


4. MiContador: Online Accounting Solutions


Mi Contador - Aplicaciones en Google Play


MiContador offers online accounting services tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Honduras.

Their app simplifies financial management with user-friendly tools such as the ability to upload receipts, see company data and manage balance sheets, all from one central platform.


5. Dippi: Creative Marketing Solutions




Dippi has developed  a permission-less peer-to-peer (P2P) network for cryptographic tokens.

The company aims to create a secure and user-friendly platform for managing digital tokens. It uses advanced technology to ensure safe storage and sharing of these tokens, making it easier for everyone to use and connect to from anywhere.



6. Doctor7: Healthcare at Your Fingertips


Doctor7 Logo


Doctor7 is a digital health platform offering digital medical services.

Patients can consult with doctors online for just $8 per month, allowing them to receive diagnoses, and get prescriptions, all from the comfort of their homes.


7. Zafra Cloud: Cloud-Based Business Management


Zafra.Cloud Blue - Colors-2


Zafra Cloud offers cloud-based solutions for managing any business. Through the platform, businesses can manage their accounting, inventory, sales and HR.

The platform is built to maximise efficiency, save money by automating tasks and help leaders see their companies from a more comprehensive perspective.


8. Elevate Digital: Transformation Consulting


Elevate Digital


Elevate Digital advises companies on business transformation strategies.

Their services range from consulting companies on how to differentiate themselves, to helping them recruit the best talent.


9. Internet of Trees: Environmental Tech


The Internet of Trees uses technology to monitor and protect forests in Latin America.

By tracking environmental conditions through tech, the system is able to detect whether the area has caught fire. Once detected, the app is able to notify key stakeholders, reducing damage and protecting the environment.


10. Olagro: Sustainable Agriculture



Olagro is focused on promoting sustainable and fair trade agriculture.

The company offers products and services that support organic farming and environmental preservation, ensuring a healthier future for Honduras’ agriculture.


These startups are not just transforming their industries; they’re shaping the future of Honduras.

With their innovative approaches and dedication to social and environmental issues, they’re set to make an impact both locally and globally. As 2024 unfolds, these are the companies to watch, as they drive forward innovation and development in Honduras.