10 Startups In Panama To Keep An Eye On

Panama is a hub for innovative startups.

As we look ahead to 2024, Panama is making a name for itself on the global startup stage. Here’s a closer look at ten Panamanian startups set to redefine their industries.

1. Tutorez – Educational Tutoring Platform


Tutorez Case Study | Zoho Analytics


Tutorez is changing the way professionals learn in Panama by helping them bridge their skills gap. This platform makes education accessible and personalised, by testing each worker to define the gaps in their knowledge.

From there, personalised training workshops are created with follow up tests to ensure each learner has solidified their skills.

The company has already delivered 25,000 hours of personalised training, helping people in Panama upskill.


2. MercaditoApp – Local Marketplace


Mercadito – Apps on Google Play


MercaditoApp is transforming food shopping in Panama by providing a digital platform for consumers to find affordable fruit and veg.

The app facilitates the buying and selling of local goods between farmers and consumers, promoting community buying and supporting the local economy.

MercaditoApp is a great example of how technology can be used to enhance traditional marketplaces.


3. Zeneca – Fast International FinTech Payments



Zeneca simplifies money management with its innovative app, allowing people in Panama to receive payments from the US and Europe.

Zeneca is helping individuals and businesses in the region tap into international economies, all through one easy platform.

The app allows people in Panama to pay suppliers, receive payments and withdraw funds, all within a secure app for just 3% commissions.


4. Riservi – Online Reservation System


Software de Gestion de Reservas de Restaurantes | Riservi


Riservi streamlines the booking process for various services, from restaurants to beauty salons.

This online reservation system is revolutionising customer experiences in Panama by making it easier to secure and manage appointments, allowing businesses to manage their clientele more effectively.

Riservi is a game-changer for service-oriented businesses in Panama, allowing them to manage, analyse and take reservation deposits, all from one platform.


5. Venmetro – Personal Loans Solutions


Venmetro | LinkedIn


Venmetro is redefining personal finance in Panama with its tech-centric lending platform.

Offering quick and easy access to personal loans, Venmetro uses technology to streamline the borrowing process, making it more transparent and accessible.



6. Criptext – Secure Emailing Service


Secure Messaging App Criptext to Showcase at IDB


Criptext is a secure communication platform, designed to help people send private emails with its encrypted messaging service.

Using privacy and security, Criptext ensures that personal and business communications are protected from cyber threats. Not only that, it’s also able to unsend emails, track opens and manage attachment downloads.

Criptext is essential for the digital security landscape in Panama.


7. Fluzcoin – Global Rewards Token


FLUZCOIN- a blockchain-based retail coin solution


Fluzcoin is a cryptocurrency rewards token that allows users to participate in specific loyalty networks set by retailers.

The payment system allows companies to build their own loyalty systems, allowing them to leverage crypto payments for consumer purchases.


8. FEDVIDA – AgriTech Education Platform



The Education for Life Foundation (FEDVIDA) is an education platform, dedicated to building bamboo farms for food, construction and eco-tourism.

Their educational programmes empower people to use the nature around them to build businesses, helping reduce the amount of Panamanians living in poverty.

Through the company, FEDVIDA provides training, products and services that help boost businesses in the bamboo and agriculture sectors, helping to make an impact economically and environmentally.


9. Cuanto – Helping Micro-entrepeneurs Thrive Online


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Cuanto is changing the way micro-entrepreneurs in Panama start their online businesses.

Designed to be simple and efficiency, it allows entrepreneurs to build eCommerce sites quickly.

With more than 24,000 creators using the platform to date, Cuanto is a big player in Panama’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


10. PayCaddy – Customised FinTech



PayCaddy is a growing name in Panama’s fintech sector. This innovative startup is dedicated to the development of Banking as a Service (BaaS), allowing businesses to launch financial products more easily.

Through their API, businesses can quickly create their own digital banking services and products, allowing for personalisation and automation, all within a simple platform.


These ten startups showcase the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Panama.

As we move through 2024, keep an eye on these startups as they continue to promote Panama on the world startup stage.