10 Startups In Venezuela To Keep An Eye On

Venezuela’s startup scene has already seen a period of huge growth in the last few years, and this momentum is only continuing to grow. As we step into the New Year, several standout startups are emerging as frontrunners in Venezuela’s dynamic business landscape across diverse sectors such as foodtech, e-commerce, and finance.

Let’s explore these pioneering startups, celebrating their creativity, innovative drive, and their pivotal role in shaping the Venezuelan startup scene.


1. Ven App




Ven App is Venezuela’s answer to its inhabitant’s ability to access benefits. Whether it’s finding the most sought-after products and services at the best rates, recharging your prepaid line or paying your bills quickly and safely, the Ven App has a range of benefits that can help you make the most out of your money.

This easy-to-use and accessible interface can help all Venezuelan employees purchase products such as food, clothes, and home appliances all for the best discounts. Better yet, Ven offers free delivery right to your door.


2. Ridery


Ridery app


Think of Ridery as the Uber of Venezuela. This handy app prides itself on the quality and safety of its certified drivers and vehicles, which can range from motorcycles to cars to trucks, and guaranteed availability of drivers, promising users a secured driver within 5 minutes of booking their trip.

From prices as low as $1,25 a trip, Ridery offers an affordable way to travel around this beautiful country and users can pick they’re own payment method for greater ease of use.


3. Yummy


Yummy logo


Yummy is a standout e-commerce startup, and users can shop anything from food to pharmacy goods to clothing to electronics, and can even book transportation and event tickets via this easy-to-use app.

Available on App Store and Google Play, Yummy supplies users with over 30 shopping categories, easy payment methods that can be tailored to your needs, and the ability to track your order so you can shop with peace of mind until your order is at your doorstep.


4. Suplymos



However small your business, Suplymos has you covered. This innovative startup aims to boost your business, bringing eager customers right to your door.

Suplymos provides a place where you can find the products that your customers want at distributor prices. Simply sign up via the website, order what you need, and enjoy the best rates around with the Suplymos platform.






Another innovative e-commerce platform leading the way in the Venezuelan startup scene, with QUIK, users can order their heart’s desires. From food to medicine to booking a place at your favourite restaurant, QUIK is an interface that has it all. Better yet, anything you order can be delivered swiftly right to your door.

Available on Google Play and App Store, QUIK is an accessible platform where everyone can enjoy smash rates on their favourite goodies.



6. Cashea




Cashea is an accessible alternative payment method allowing users to buy now and pay later in instalments that suit their financial needs. Despite a lengthier payment timeframe, payments can be gradually made with no added interest, ensuring customers get what they need instantly without needing to shoulder a long-standing financial burden.


7. Vikua

Vikua | Golden Section

Vikua is a self-proclaimed bridge to a smarter and more sustainable urban ecosystem. Using data, Vikua can transform raw information into actionable knowledge, allowing organisations and even governments to make more informed decisions.

Vikua achieves this by creating a constant flow of quality data and subsequent analysis, giving you the tool to enhance the decision-making of your organisation and turn your company goals into tangible achievements.


8. Estadeboda




Estadeboda is a startup championing all things wedding. Find everything you need, from food to location to flowers to drinks, Estadeboda aims to take the stress out of wedding planning. Simply subscribe to the platform to be notified of all the best discounts and rates on wedding products and services on the market, and reap the rewards of a beautiful celebration without breaking the bank.


9. Tumotorizado


Tumotorizado is another “Uber” of Venezuela, allowing users to get express delivery on demand. Whether they are stores, corner shops, or restaurants, Tumotorizado can get its users what they need when they need it with its swift same-day delivery regardless of their location.

Tumotorizado has partnered with several online retailers so that you can receive products from whatever store is affiliated with the company quickly and efficiently. An added bonus? The organisation aim to have a positive social impact by creating work opportunities for students and individuals who have previously struggled with employment.


10. Nydronia




Nydronia is a stable cryptocurrency token built with Ethereum blockchain or stablecoin technology. Nydronia’s token aims to connect the real and virtual world with added advantages such as not losing its value due to being backed by highly marketable products. Plus, with upcoming crypto presales, individuals will have the exclusive opportunity to acquire Nydronia at discounted rates, maximizing their potential returns on investment.