10 Welsh Startups To Watch In 2024

Wales is buzzing with entrepreneurial energy, and 2024 is set to be an exciting year for Welsh startups.

From big tech firms to eco-conscious innovators, the Welsh startup scene is diverse and vibrant. Here’s a selection of ten Welsh startups, across various sectors, that are set to make waves in the coming year.


Validient: Legal Compliance Management


Validient | Alacrity Foundation - United Kingdom


Cardiff-based Validient is reshaping the legal industry with its innovative digital client onboarding and compliance management system. Tailored specifically for law firms, Validient enhances the efficiency of essential processes from identity verification to ongoing due diligence.

The startup has gained significant traction in the legal sector, underscored by a successful seed funding round that’s fueling its expansion. As the only Welsh legaltech firm in the LawtechUK Sandbox, Validient stands poised for a nationwide rollout. Their technology not only streamlines compliance but also positions Validient as a key player in modernizing legal services across the UK.



Agxio: Pioneers in Agritech AI


AberInnovation-based Agxio Offer Machine Learning Platform Free in Global Fight Against Covid-19 | AberInnovation


Agxio, hailing from Aberystwyth, is at the forefront of integrating AI into agriculture and biotech.

Their platform automates complex data science tasks, making advanced machine learning accessible in these sectors. With a substantial £2.1 million boost, Agxio plans to expand their team and delve into new markets. Their support from the Development Bank of Wales shows their potential to revolutionise how agricultural industries use data for growth.


Weigh to Go: Championing Sustainability with Mobile Refill Solutions


Mobile Zero Waste Refill Shop | Weigh To Go Refill | South Wales



Weigh to Go, founded by former chef Owain George, is an innovative startup based in South Wales that offers a unique solution to sustainable shopping. This mobile refill shop on wheels is dedicated to helping communities reduce single-use packaging by providing locally and UK-sourced sustainable products. Ranging from dried foods to eco-friendly lifestyle products, their offerings cater to the growing demand for environmentally conscious consumer choices.

Evolving rapidly, Weigh to Go has expanded from a van-based service to include online ordering and a click-and-collect system, and has recently established a brick-and-mortar location in Ogmore-by-Sea. This venture not only exemplifies sustainable entrepreneurship but also serves as a model for eco-friendly retail in the modern age.


Au Vodka: The Gold Standard of Spirits


Au Vodka EU

Swansea’s Au Vodka is reaping the rewards of savvy marketing and the importance of a social media presence. Starting with just 2,000 bottles, they now produce 35,000 daily, reaching markets in over 40 countries. Their business model, leveraging marketing and social media, has fueled not just a surge in revenue and profit but a solid reputation in the competitive spirits market.



Intuitix: Streamlining Project Management with Digital Innovation

Intuitix | LinkedIn

Intuitix, a Cardiff-based startup, is revolutionizing the way corporate projects are managed and delivered. Their innovative platform transforms unstructured corporate data into user-friendly templates and tables, greatly simplifying project management from inception to completion. Born from the Alacrity Foundation’s entrepreneurship program, Intuitix addresses the common challenge of poorly communicated or unused data in corporations.

Already gaining traction with major clients like South West Water and BAE Systems, Intuitix is on the cusp of further growth, planning another seed investment round. Their technology is a game-changer for regulated businesses seeking to foster innovation and efficiency.



Chetwood: The Digital Banking Revolution


Chetwood Financial - A new kind of digital bank.


Chetwood is a digital banking pioneer from Wrexham, delivering consumer-friendly financial products. With an innovative credit card service and a mortgage proposition on the horizon, Chetwood is focused on growth and accessibility. Their mission is to provide financial services that are not only efficient but also inclusive, catering to a wide range of consumer needs.


Dryad: Sustainable Sportswear for Equality




Dryad from Abergavenny champions sustainable women’s sportswear and equality in sports. Their eco-friendly activewear and commitment to social causes have earned them accolades, including recognition by Runner’s World and Women’s Running magazine.


Explorage: Simplifying Self-Storage


Explorage - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Explorage, based in Anglesey, has innovated the self-storage market with its user-friendly online marketplace. With significant investment backing and a focus on a £48bn global market, they’re streamlining the process of finding and booking storage solutions.


Sero: Pioneers of Eco-friendly Living


Homepage - Sero


Cardiff’s Sero is leading the charge towards net-zero homes with their technology that helps builders and homeowners cut carbon footprints and energy costs. With substantial investments and a focus on expanding into financial services, Sero is a key player in sustainable housing.


Dragon Fire & Water: Special Effects with Expertise


Cardiff’s Dragon Fire & Water leverages the founders’ firefighting expertise to offer unparalleled services for TV and film special effects. Their niche in providing rain effects and fire cover has caught the attention of industry giants like Disney Lucasfilm and the BBC.


These ten Welsh startups are just a glimpse into the dynamic and diverse business landscape of Wales. With their innovative approaches and commitment to growth, they represent the promising future of the Welsh economy. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they continue to push boundaries and redefine their industries in 2024 and beyond.