Ready for Launch: Skyrora Tests New 3D-Printed Rocket Engines

Skyrora, the trailblazing Edinburgh-based space tech firm, is making waves in the industry with its novel 3D-printed rocket engines. Made using Skyrora’s own Skyprint 2 machine, this new model halves the production time and cuts the costs compared to previous designs.


The Magic of Skyprint 2

Most of us associate 3D printing with plastic arts and craft creations, but Skyrora’s Skyprint 2 takes this technology to new heights. Instead of plastic, this remarkable machine creates rocket components using Inconel, a nickel-chromium metal alloy that can withstand extreme temperatures while maintaining its strength. This 3D-printed approach cuts the creation time of core rocket components from 10 weeks to just two, a game-changing shift in production speed.

Testing the Waters at Midlothian



This summer, Skyrora’s new engines will be put to the test at Midlothian’s rocket testing hub, the UK’s largest facility of its kind. Nestled on the site of a former quarry, this testing facility will undertake rigorous trials every week over the summer. Each test will task the engine with running for 250 seconds – the same amount of time it would need to run in a real mission to reach orbit.

The Bright Future of UK’s Space Sector


Volodymyr Levykin, Skyrora’s CEO, is confident that the new engines bring the company closer to its first commercial orbital launch. “With our purpose-built rocket manufacturing and testing facilities in Scotland, we are proud to be localising as much of the launch value chain as possible,” he said.

The innovative technology developed by Skyrora’s engineers and the company’s commitment to sustainable design are setting the stage for a renaissance in the UK’s space sector. “The new engine technology… are a testament to the innovation taking place in the UK space sector,” Levykin added.

Skyrora’s recent progress is a beacon of hope for UK’s space tech ambitions, after the bankruptcy filing of Virgin Orbit in April 2023. Aided by their novel approach and the use of state-of-the-art technology, Skyrora is all set to propel the UK into the future of space exploration.