5 UK Startups To Help You Reduce Your Christmas Waste

The festive season brings joy and celebration, but it also brings an increased amount of waste.

From excess food to packaging and outdated technology, the Christmas period can have a significant environmental impact. However, several UK startups are taking innovative approaches to reduce this waste. Let’s take a look…


Olio: Tackling Food Waste


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Tackling the issue of food waste, Olio is an app that connects community members and local businesses to share excess food. This becomes especially relevant during Christmas, a time of abundant food and inevitable over-eating.

Through Olio, surplus festive food which might otherwise be discarded can find a new home, helping to feed others and reduce overall waste​​.


Scrapp Ltd.: Recycling Excess Packaging


Scrapp Ltd | The University of Edinburgh


With the rise in gift-giving during Christmas, packaging waste significantly increases. Whether it’s wrapping paper, cards or boxes, recyclable material can build up quickly.

Scrapp Ltd. is addressing this challenge by encouraging better recycling habits. Their app allows users to scan product barcodes to determine recyclability, promoting more effective sorting of waste and reducing the environmental footprint of Christmas gift packaging​​.



Reboxed®: Recycling Old Tech


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The gift of technology is common during the holiday season, often leaving old devices redundant and left in a drawer.

Reboxed® provides a sustainable solution by rehoming old electronic devices. This startup not only helps in reducing e-waste but also promotes a circular economy, making it a go-to option for responsibly disposing of any tech old tech after Christmas​​.


SO Recycle: Specialist Buyer Of Waste Paper, Card & Film



With Christmas comes an influx of paper, card, and film waste. SO Recycle specialises in the buying and recycling of these materials, offering an efficient way to deal with the excess packaging that accumulates during the festive period.

By focusing on these specific types of waste, they play a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of Christmas packaging.


ReFood Home: Food Waste Recycler


Refood Movement - The Futures Project


After Christmas dinner, there’s often a significant amount of food scraps. ReFood Home provides an excellent service for recycling these leftovers. They specialise in converting food waste into renewable energy, thereby tackling the issue of post-Christmas dinner waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

This eco-friendly process not only diverts food waste from landfills, where it would contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, but also creates a circular economy. Their services are especially crucial during Christmas, a time known for excessive food consumption and waste.


Each of these startups is contributing to a more sustainable Christmas in the UK. By addressing different aspects of waste – from food to packaging and technology – they are paving the way for more eco-conscious holiday practices. Take a look to help reduce your environmental impact at one of the most celebrated times of the year.