Adverttu’s Transit Advertising Fleet Surpasses 15,000 with Shift Partnership

Adverttu, the fast-growing AdTech company redefining out of home advertising, has partnered with Shift, the UK’s favourite delivery, removals and transport marketplace, to provide Shift’s drivers with an easy and free way to earn more money through on-vehicle advertising.

Shift’s drivers (Shifters) already enjoy the flexibility, freedom and independence the Gig Economy offers and now drivers can boost their bank balances by up to £1,000 per year with Adverttu’s AdFleet solution that selects optimal journey profiles, measures impressions generated and processes consumer job enquiries stimulated by each Shift driver’s on-van promotional livery wrap.

Artjom Jekimtsev, CEO and founder of Adverttu, said: “This partnership grows our fleet to 15,000+ vehicles, a massive, always-moving blank canvas for advertisers to creatively get their message ‘on the road’. Shift is leveraging our commercial Fleet D2C AdFleet solution which optimises the promotional impact of a company’s vehicle fleet in terms of accurate impressions measurement, precise audience and location targeting, and cost-efficient vehicle wrapping. Getting this right for a fast-growing fleet such as Shift, has a direct bottom line impact by increasing sales and reducing costs.”

Adverttu itself is scaling rapidly, having recently grown its team by 35% to meet demand from global brands, advertising agencies, media buyers and marketing teams. Adverttu has worked closely with Shift to establish the most suitable promotional locations using advanced journey profiling of driver activity, customer demand, location and time data.

Andrew Maddox, UK General Manager at Shift, said: “With Adverttu, we can now guarantee additional passive income for anyone matching a specific driving profile. Shifters are our lifeblood and rewarding them with more income, cool perks and ways to lower vehicle running costs, all with minimal fuss, helps attract new drivers, motivates existing Shifters and strengthens our market position.”

Shift lets people save money, shifting anything, anywhere across the UK. Customers enter whatever object they want delivered, whether that be a parcel, wardrobe or valuable, book the service with a tap, and wait for a helpful driver to arrive.