Announced! TechRound100 Winners 2023

TechRound is excited to announce the winners of 5th TechRound100!


TechRound is proud to announce the winners of our 5th annual TR100 campaign, celebrating the most innovative startups across the U.K. and Europe.

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Feedback From The Judges


“Judging a startup competition was an exciting yet challenging experience, characterized by an incredibly diverse set of entries spanning multiple fields. The spectrum was broad, ranging from deep science to cutting-edge technology, and extending to consumer-based innovations. Deciding on winners and ranking them was a challenging task, given the high caliber of entries overall. With my background in technology development, I found myself naturally gravitating towards tech startups, especially those pioneering new technologies. I also have a particular affinity for platforms that empower others to build applications on top of them. Additionally, startups that facilitate people in reaching their full potential and provide them with opportunities ranked highly in my evaluation. All in all, the competition showcased exceptionally talented and forward-looking founders, each contributing remarkable work, earning my immense respect and admiration.”

– Ivan Poupyrev, CEO of Archetype AI


“What an inspiring bunch of businesses in the TechRound 100 who are all destined for further success, whilst making the world a better place. Judging is a great way to revitalise and energise even the most seasoned of entrepreneur. Truly humbling to see the impact these companies are seeking to make and the progress that’s happened to date and very difficult to just choose 100!”

Sarah Woodhouse, Director & Owner, AMBITIOUS


“There were several applicants that were solving really pressing global issues and I really prioritised that factor in my rankings. The climate crisis, social mobility, economic productivity and security are things that need serious innovation and it’s invigorating to see so many businesses aligned with the global mission. We’re in very good hands!”

Scott Simpkin, Head of the UK Campaigns Team at Seedrs


“TechRound100 is the biggest list in UK startups. It is the most hotly anticipated list that every startup waits for to see where they sit in the UK startup sector. This year we received more entries than ever before and what stands out to me is the quality of the startups who entered as well as the ingenuity they are employing to solve some of the biggest problems we face in our day to day lives as well as wider problems around the world. The UK continues to be an impressive powerhouse and leader when it comes to UK startups and TechRound remains the best place for startups and tech companies.”

David Soffer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechRound


“There were so many interesting businesses to judge, and I found myself thinking “I wish I had thought of that” quite a few times. I was particularly drawn to the businesses that have applied technology to create products that solve customer problems in innovative ways that are having an impact on solving pressing global challenges, such as reducing our carbon footprint or promoting gender equality. I wish all the entrants the best of luck as they continue on their entrepreneurial journeys.”

– Max Azarov, Co-Founder and CEO of Novakid


Thank You to Our Judges!


Scott Simpkin

Scott Simpkin, Head of the UK Campaigns Team at Seedrs

A former founder, Scott has been at Seedrs for 6.5 years and in his time has helped over 100 businesses raise rounds totalling over £100m. He now leads the UK Team at Seedrs, and every new UK raise on Seedrs comes through his team. Alongside his work, he’s helped mentor over 50 startups, with a particular focus on fundraising strategy.

Sarah Woodhouse, Director at AMBITIOUS PR 

Sarah Woodhouse is the owner/Director of AMBITIOUS. AMBITIOUS is one of the top tech PR agencies in the UK (according to PR Week) and specialises in corporate and B2B communication. AMBITIOUS clients are fast-growth businesses through to enterprise-level juggernauts. We are working in SaaS, cloud services, cybersecurity, marketplaces, edtech, proptech, fintech, telecoms and network infrastructure. As well as with management consultancies and growth capital firms advising the tech sector.

Max Azarov, Co-Founder and CEO of Novakid

Max is an experienced entrepreneur in the IT industry. His IT background, along with a passion for the EdTech industry gained from teaching English to his own children, led to the idea of a digital English learning platform. In 2017, Max co-founded Novakid in Silicon Valley (USA) with Dmitry Malin. Novakid is a Series B EdTech startup ($41,5M raise) with double-digit revenue growth in 2022. The business is funded by well-known venture capital firms all of which support innovation businesses globally.


Ivan Poupyrev, CEO of Archetype AI

Ivan Poupyrev, an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur, leads Archetype AI as CEO, aiming to build a foundation model for ‘Physical AI.’ He’s a former executive at Google, Disney Imagineering, and Sony. A TED speaker and National Design Award winner, with over 100 US patents, Fast  Company recognized him as “one of the best interaction designers in the world”. Find Ivan on X and LinkedIn, and find Archetype AI on X.


David Soffer, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at TechRound 

David is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechRound. David is very passionate about startups of all shapes and sizes and through TechRound, drives coverage for some of the most up-and-coming startups and companies across the UK and Europe and is regularly in the media sharing his expertise on startups. Alongside TechRound, David runs DSR Digital, where he helps clients across all sectors maximise their SEO and improve and manage their online reputation.


Sid Sarangi is the CEO of RETAILIGENCE, a specialist provider of AI driven retail category management solutions operating across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Sarangi holds an MBA and decades of eCommerce leadership experience, leading digital organisations and growth across the world. Having worked in several countries including the US. From the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, Sarangi has repeatedly driven rapid organisational growth from the ground up.


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