Apple And Meta: A New Era Of Tech Innovation

Apple and Meta, Facebook’s parent company, have reportedly been in discussion involving a potential partnership to integrate Meta’s AI model into its new Apple Intelligence system, set to launch later this year according to TechCrunch. The talks are still taking place, with neither tech giants publicly commenting yet.


How Apple Is Currently Utilising Machine Learning


Apple has been using artificial intelligence in its systems for years, which contributes to its seamless functionality and user experience. From Siri to intelligent photo organisation, its presence has long been a core component of Apple’s operations.


1. Siri


Siri, Apple’s artificial virtual assistant, uses AI to analyse an Apple user’s questions or comments and provide a response. Siri is not artificial intelligence itself, but is a simple version of it that performs one task at a time. It makes use of Deep Neural Network on the device and stores existing data to learn from previous queries and improve responses, while also noting positive responses from the user.


2. Gallery


Apple’s Photo app uses AI algorithms to assist with built-in features such as creating albums by identifying faces, places and creating short videos with content that was taken during a specific time frame. The various photographic features such as Portrait Mode, Night Mode and Smart HDR use AI to increase the image’s quality.


3. Calendar


Machine learning helps users to automate their daily tasks and add important dates or events to their calendars. When receiving a message with a time, date or even just a suggestion, users have the option of seamlessly adding it to their calendars with a few taps. For efficiency, you can schedule events months in advance and automatically sync your meetings from your e-mail.


The Ways That Meta Makes Use Of AI


Facebook’s capabilities have increased dramatically over the last few years due to its integration of AI systems. Its algorithms have successfully created curated content on users’ news feeds, removed inappropriate content and provide adverts with detailed targeting.



1. Translation


Facebook is ranked as the most-used social media platform in 127 countries as reported by NBC News, so it needs to accommodate for the different languages spoken. It uses an AI-based translation system that automatically translates content in a user’s news feed to their native language.


2. Generic Messages


Businesses can set automated bot messages when users contact them on Facebook Messenger to answer frequently asked questions or guide users to find the responses that they’re looking for. This AI tool can also offer ‘welcome messages’ when a new user interacts with the page where the user can see your business logo, a personalised greeting and usually a prompt to learn more or engage with the business.


3. Personalised Advertising


Facebook users are always exposed to adverts that they are most likely to relate to or engage with, and this is due to artificial intelligence. AI gathers as much information about a user’s profile as possible to group them according to specific interests and behaviours. The result is that users will see adverts that are most relevant to them.


A New AI System For Apple


Apple Intelligence is due to launch later this year for iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia. It offers a powerful new writing tool with advanced language capabilities, allowing users to easily summarise an entire lecture in a matter of minutes, revise a concise version of a lengthy group thread or reduce unnecessary distractions with prioritised notifications. It offers a variety of other features, including creating AI-generated images and an even more powerful upgraded Siri.