EncycLOOpedia: A Guide To Foreign Bathrooms Launches Before The Bank Holiday

‘Encycloopedia’ launches in order to help Brits distinguish their bidets from their baños, just in time for the bank holiday travel rush.

Getting To Grips With Foreign Bathrooms

Ahead of the first May bank holiday (2nd May) and impending travel exodus, leading bathroom retailer, Victorian Plumbing is launching the ‘EncycLoopedia’ to help travellers get to grips with foreign bathrooms.

This year, millions of Brits are expected to flood airports up and down the country and escape to Europe and other popular destinations around the world (and there is even information on space toilets if you’re planning to Richard Branson this thing). New research showed UK summer travel bookings were surpassing pre-pandemic levels, up 19% in the summer of 2019.

The guide is launching to coincide with increased holidaymaker search data. There was a huge 226% increase in searches for hotel + toilet from March to April 2022, as more Brits shed their masks and take to the skies, railways and roads.


Looking for Loos Abroad

As most of us probably already know, research shows that Spain is the single most popular holiday destination for the British public due to its fantastic weather and vibrant party life. And interestingly enough, the Google search “toilet near me” saw a 300% increase from March 2022 to April 2022 in Spain, so there are certainly tourists who could do with an EncycLoopedia to find out more about the flamboyant facilities!

From Africa to Antarctica, Space to ancient baths, the world’s first EncyLoopedia covers time, distance and, innovative new designs. In Japan, it’s reported that 70-80% of households boast smart toilets, so if you’re heading to East Asia anytime soon, don’t be surprised if you’re taken for a ride when you use the bathroom!

This has been pulled together through research as well as expert commentary from Victorian Plumbing’s head of Toilets, Joe Pascoe said: ‘Bathrooms have the same purpose but are perfectly unique in every country around the world; the EncycLoopedia is an amazing resource to learn about the fun and interesting toilet differences from all areas of the earth.’

The perfect travel companion – which could even double as extra toilet paper in a bind – The EncycLoopedia ensures you’ll never be caught short again when traveling the world. Victorian Plumbing’s head of Toilets and Talent said: ‘As Spring has so far brought us some lovely weather, it’s only fitting we provide all tourists and travellers with our magnificent EncycLoopedia, which details and explains the strange and wonderful bathroom habits around the world.’