GlobMed, The World’s First Global Healthcare Manager Announces Advisory Board

As the first Global Healthcare Manager in the world, GlobMed is working hard to provide clients with unparalleled access to a wide range of on-demand specialist healthcare services and to the best medical treatments available anywhere across the globe.

No matter who you are, where you are and what treatment you need; when it comes to health, GlobMed’s belief is that everyone should be able to access the very best treatment that global private medicine can offer, without compromising safety, quality and value. GlobMed’s belief strives towards a future in which every client can access the best quality care wherever it is done best; for this reason, they are building a network of renowned healthcare providers in the UK and across the globe, opening a new world of choices for high-quality and affordable healthcare.

GlobMed are proud to announce that their Non-Executive Advisory Board has been finalised, welcoming the skills, knowledge and experience of world-leading professionals across numerous key sectors within healthcare and the provision of global healthcare.

Board Members constitute an invaluable asset providing high level intellectual and strategic guidance whilst helping steer GlobMed through what is sure to be a very exciting period in the company’s growth and development:

Dr Hany Abi Ghosn

Global Healthcare


A world-renowned expert, practitioner and academic trainer in Medical Aesthetics, international speaker and key opinion leader for numerous International Labs; Dr Hany brings to GlobMed a deep understanding of Global Healthcare and an international network of world-class cosmetic doctors and professionals.

Vasant Dattani



As a senior financial professional with more than 37 years of experience in roles such as CFO and Finance Director at PGIM and FinEx Group; Vasant sets the foundations of GlobMed’s financial strategy and financial compliance, ultimately guiding the numerous acquisitions which will build the Company into a Global Healthcare Group.

Ivo Knottnerus

Digital Transformation and Customer Engagement


As an internationally experienced professional in Strategy, Product & Market Development, M&A, Post Merger Integration, Customer Engagement, CX, Partnerships and Digital Transformation; Ivo provides a solid advantage to GlobMed’s international ambitions, brand management and customer engagement programmes.

Paul Drake



As an experienced CCO and Security Director in renowned companies such as GSK, Coca-Cola, and GlaxoSmithKline PLC; Paul provides GlobMed with the necessary edge to safely navigate an industry where compliance and quality management are paramount, as well as at the core of GlobMed’s beliefs and principles.

Mark Stephenson

International Operations


As an M&A, business development and international operations management professional with decades of experience in the healthcare and retail industries working for companies such as Walgreens Boots Alliance, Total, Alcura, Mydentist and IPS Specials; Mark understands the challenges and opportunities of international operations and is the perfect professional to help GlobMed achieve its global ambitions.

Sue Peden

UK Healthcare


As an experienced Head of Commissioning/Associate Director and Contract Manager in the NHS; Sue is the perfect link between GlobMed and public healthcare in the form of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Thanks to her understanding of procurement and commissioning processes, she is the person that will lay the basis for GlobMed to support the NHS.

Hugh Morris

Business Development


As a partner in Accenture and an experienced professional in various other roles from Insurance, Technology, and Business Operations to Counselling in the City of London Corporation; Hugh’s skills, experience, and network provide GlobMed with insider access to various sectors which are critical to the Company’s operation and development.

Fergus Graham



As an experienced board director and advisor for companies such as James Fisher and Sons PLC and De La Rue, as well as an investor in startups and non-profits focused on sustainable practices; Fergus’s emphasis on environmental, social, and governance matters is crucial in helping GlobMed to build a strong foundation as the company expands and develops.

The Next Step in a Global Journey to Better Health

A spokesperson at GlobMed commented on the board appointments: “We are delighted to announce the board members we have; bringing expertise, experience and the know-how that is sure to help GlobMed become the first and best Global Healthcare Manager in the world. GlobMed’s board members are the perfect addition to our company and we are thrilled. Our vision for borderless healthcare and the provision of the best medical and healthcare treatments is one step closer and we couldn’t be prouder.”

GlobMed are also pleased to confirm new partnerships with the following third-party companies who will be working closely with the GlobMed team to help support the Company’s progress and development:

  • The GP Service, a telemedicine company providing online consultations with GMC registered UK-based doctors
  • Medical Travel Shield, an insurance company providing specialised medical travel insurance packages tailored to patients travelling abroad for Dental Treatment, Cosmetic surgery, Elective surgery or IVF/Fertility treatment.
  • Ison Travel, a UK-based travel agency assisting clients in their travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • CHKS, a leading provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services developing solutions for healthcare organisations in over 20 countries.
  • GHA, a recognised global authority in accreditation and certification specialising in workplace safety, health and well-being and medical and wellness travel.

GlobMed remains on the lookout for any further third-party support services that can complement their mission to provide UK clients with a seamless all-inclusive healthcare experience at the best value, quality and timeframes.

GlobMed’s spokesperson commented further: “Through our team, partners, acquisitions and technology, GlobMed is one step closer to becoming the first truly Global Healthcare Manager.”