Instagram Surpasses TikTok As Most Downloaded App Globally

Instagram has moved back to the top of the rank as the most downloaded app globally. According to Sensor Tower, the surge took the number of users to 767 million last year- a 20% increase.

Tiktok, on the other hand, saw only 4% growth, going up to a close 733 million downloads. “Instagram’s revival was likely driven by the popularity of its Reels feature,” the market intelligence company noted, alongside the platform’s diverse functionalities like photo-sharing and Stories.


Most Popular Apps in United Kingdom 2023


According to Appfigures and AppMagic,​ these were most downloaded apps last year:


  1. Temu: 15 million downloads
  2. Tesco: 11 million downloads
  3. Vinted: 8 million downloads
  4. TikTok: 7 million downloads
  5. Shein: 6.7 million downloads
  6. WhatsApp: 6.6 million downloads
  7. CapCut: 6.6 million downloads
  8. Microsoft Authenticator: 5.5 million downloads
  9. Instagram: 5.1 million downloads
  10. Monopoly Go: 5.1 million downloads


What’s New in the Global App Market?


  • Temu was a top downloaded app in North America and Europe.
  • WhatsApp Business is gaining users in India and South America.
  • There was decline in game app downloads, which means users have moved more towards utility and social media apps.


How Are Different Regions Responding?


Download trends vary globally:

  • In the U.S., Temu leads with over 100 million downloads.
  • India shows a strong preference for Instagram with 245 million downloads.
  • European countries, including Germany, France, and Italy, are showing increasing interest in Temu.


Why Might Users Prefer Instagram?


Instagram has regained popularity by introducing their new features like Reels, competing directly with TikTok’s 9:16 video style. “It appeals to a broader audience demographic and doesn’t have the ‘it’s for the kids only’ connotation that some people associate with TikTok,” says Farhad Divecha from Accuracast.

Meta’s, Mark Zuckerberg, has pointed out TikTok as a strong rival due to its fast growth. Though TikTok users spend more time on that app, Instagram’s large number of users and steady updates have helped it get ahead.


What’s New in Mobile App Trends?


The mobile app market is changing. According to the “Mobile App Trends: 2024 Edition” by Adjust and AppLovin, the industry continues to grow despite the difficulties, trials and tribulations.

In 2023, mobile ad spend reached $362 billion (about £282 billion), and the mobile app market value stood at USD $228.98 billion (around £178 billion), projected to rise to $567.19 billion (£442 billion) by 2030. As stated by Simon Dussart, CEO of Adjust, strategic decision-making powered by predictive analytics is key to working within this field.

How Are E-commerce Apps Performing?


E-commerce apps have shown growth, as detailed in the “Mobile App Trends: 2024 Edition.” The report shows a 43% year-on-year increase in installs and a 14% rise in sessions for e-commerce apps globally.

North America, in particular, saw an astounding 98% increase in installs. Andrey Kazakov, VP of Demand at Non-Gaming, suggests focusing on channel acquisition strategy to acquire high-value users efficiently.

The future of mobile apps is geared towards using AI and machine learning for more personalised user experiences, and efficiency.

Adjust’s report suggests that marketers are to diversify their media mix and open themselves up to using new technologies for sustained growth.

Predictive analytics, automated workflows, and AI-driven personalisation are set to drive the strategies for mobile app marketing.

AI investment is the top concern for 55% of C-level executives globally, and personalisation is the key to user retention and ROI in the app industry​​.