Over 50% Of Shoppers Find AI Useful To Their Shopping Experiences

So, recently the SAP Emarsys conducted a survey, and in one of the studies, it showed that over half (52%, to be exact) of the respondents feel their shopping experiences have been improved with AI, which is 12% up from last year. This growth is thanks to AI’s ability to tailor recommendations and simplify purchasing processes, speeding up making shopping more intuitive.


AI technologies have clearly improved the retail experiences for UK shoppers. Here’s how they are making a difference:

  • Expanding Product Discoveries: AI’s capabilities let shoppers find new products they didn’t know they needed.
  • Reducing Search Fatigue: AI has reduced the time shoppers spend searching for the right products.


What Benefits Do UK Marketers See In AI?

More and more are marketers in the country relying on AI to connect with consumers. According to SAP Emarsys, investments in AI have led to tangible benefits in customer engagement and loyalty, just show how important of a role AI actually has in modern digital marketing strategies.


UK marketers see a few other benefits to integrating AI into their strategies. These include:

  • Enhancing Predictive Marketing: with AI tools, marketers are able to predict future buying behaviours based on past data, so that they can conduct more effective targeting in their stratgies.
  • Streamlining Content Personalisation: AI is being used to create custom marketing messages in bulk, which really contributes to increasing campaign relevance and effectiveness.



What Other Insights Do The Report’s Statistics Provide?

The studies show the changing effects of AI in retail and marketing. Joanna Milliken, CEO of SAP Emarsys, stressed the depth of AI integration, saying, “We are committed to a relevant, reliable, and responsible approach to AI, which is giving marketers the freedom to innovate and re-imagine what is possible in this new era of marketing.”


The survey shows strong enthusiasm among consumers for AI-enhanced shopping experiences. Here are some other findings:

  • 33% of UK consumers think AI makes shopping easier, an increase from 26% the previous year.
  • 29% of consumers now feel their retail experiences are more personalised because of AI, up from 22%.
  • 35% of consumers discover new products due to AI’s influence, a rise from 26%.


When it comes to quality of service, Joanna Milliken, CEO of SAP Emarsys, talked about the benefits of AI in customer service: “AI is changing the way we interact with customers. It lets us solve problems before they even arise, which makes customers happier and more loyal.”


How Is SAP Emarsys Innovating With New AI Tools?

SAP Emarsys is pioneering with the AI Product Finder, a tool aimed at changing how marketers manage product campaigns by making product discovery fast and efficient. This tool is part of a strategy to bring AI more into marketing processes, to make sure there is high efficiency and precision in campaign management.


Their tools also include:

Automating Tedious Processes: The AI Product Finder automates the selection of products for campaigns based on consumer trends and inventory levels.

Integrating with Email Campaigns: This tool is seamlessly integrated into email marketing strategies in order to enhance the relevance of communication sent to customers.