Scientists Find Out How AI Can Make Beer Taste Better

Researchers have now employed machine learning models to decode and enhance beer flavours, scrutinising over 250 different beers. In them analysing over 200 chemical properties per beer, alongside sensory evaluations and over 180,000 consumer reviews, they’ve opened a new door in brewing technology.


Insights found in the study include:

  • Enhanced predictions of beer flavours and consumer preferences using the Gradient Boosting machine learning model.
  • Identification of previously unnoticed compounds impacting beer flavour and enjoyment.


How Does AI Change The Game?


The application of AI in the brewing industry is transforming how beers are crafted and refined. The study demonstrated the capability of machine learning models to predict how well a beer will be received based on its chemical composition.

Verstrepen elaborates, “Tiny changes in the concentrations of chemicals can have a big effect,” which led to the improvement of existing beers by adjusting their chemical makeup based on AI insights.


How This Affects Brewing:


  • Precision in predicting consumer beer ratings surpassing traditional methods.
  • Improvement of beer flavour and consumer satisfaction through specific chemical adjustments.


What’s The Impact On The Brewing Industry?


This innovation is moving the industry towards more scientifically informed brewing processes. Particularly for non-alcoholic beers, which historically falls behind in flavour complexity compared to standard, this approach could be a breakthrough.

Verstrepen suggests this technique’s most substantial application could lie in enhancing these alternatives, hinting at a future where non-alcoholic beers match their alcoholic counterparts in taste and quality.


In the future, one should expect:


  • Wider application of AI for creating diverse and richer beer flavours.
  • Enhanced development processes for non-alcoholic beers, meeting a growing market demand.
  • Data-driven approaches enabling breweries to cater to precise consumer flavour profiles.


What Does This Mean for Consumers?


For beer lovers, this research spells a future with an enriched variety of flavours that are enjoyed by different palates. With AI bringing out more about the science of taste, consumers can anticipate a much more diverse range of beers that align more closely with their preferences, including superior non-alcoholic options.

This progress in beer technology is an exciting time for all beer enthusiasts, from the casual drinker to the connoisseur.


Consumer Advantages:


  • Access to an expanded spectrum of beer tastes, refined to match personal preferences.
  • Improved quality and flavour profiles in non-alcoholic beer selections.
  • Greater insight into the relationship between beer’s chemical makeup and its perceived taste, elevating the drinking experience.


How Does This Change The Role Of Brewers?


With AI stepping into the brewing scene, one might wonder about the future role of traditional brewers. Far from making their skills redundant, AI provides brewers with a new set of tools to refine their craft.

It allows them to test and make changes that could take years through traditional methods. Brewers can now use AI insights to predict how alterations in the chemical composition might affect the final product’s taste, allowing them to innovate with way more confidence and efficiency.


Brewer Adaptation:


  • Brewers can use AI as a guide to develop new flavours or improve existing ones, blending tradition with technology.
  • AI can help identify the precise chemical makeup that aligns with consumer preferences, but the creativity and experience of the brewer remain central to crafting unique and complex beers.


What About The Authenticity Of Beer?


Some beer aficionados might question whether AI intervention detracts from the authenticity of traditional brewing methods. Though, it’s important to remember that AI in brewing acts more as a background assistant that enhances the natural ingredients’ impact without altering the beer’s core identity.

The art of brewing still rests in selecting quality ingredients and combining them with skill and creativity – AI simply ensures that the intended flavours reach the consumer as effectively as possible.


Maintaining Tradition:


  • AI helps with the understanding and enhancing flavours but does not replace the traditional brewing process.
  • The authenticity of beer remains intact as brewers still control the artistry and decision-making process, using AI as a support tool to achieve desired outcomes.