Zoom Releases AI-Assistant Tool For Improved Workspaces

Zoom has released a new tool: Zoom Workplace. It is an AI-driven platform that is designed to redefine teamwork. It combines the already familiar Zoom functionalities with new AI features, so meetings and digital collaborations are more efficient.


Key Innovations: Zoom has rolled out 40 new features, including enhancements to Zoom Phone and Team Chat, facilitated by AI Companion.

Productivity Tools: AI Companion offers tools like Ask AI Companion, which aids in organising meetings and managing time effectively.

Smita Hashim, Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, said, “Zoom Workplace with AI Companion will help solve real customer problems by bringing the core collaboration solutions into a single AI-powered platform”.


How Exactly Does It Enhance Productivity?


The introduction of Zoom Workplace is set to completely change workplace productivity. The platform integrates AI to assist in daily tasks, so employees are able to focus on more strategic activities.

Features for Efficiency: AI Companion for Zoom Phone simplifies call follow-ups, while Ask AI Companion prepares users for meetings by compiling relevant information.

Language Support: Team Chat now supports 38 languages, promoting inclusivity and easier communication for global teams.


How Will It Improve Team Collaboration?


Zoom Workplace aims to facilitate better team collaboration by providing tools that create a more streamlined mode of communication and project management.

Meeting Preparations: Ask AI Companion prepares users for meetings by providing summaries and agenda items, fostering more productive discussions.

Continuous Collaboration: New features such as continuous meeting chat and enhanced Zoom Whiteboard capabilities encourage ongoing teamwork beyond scheduled meetings.


Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst at ZK Research, observed, “Zoom’s newest innovations, including its release of Zoom Workplace and Ask AI Companion, demonstrate its commitment to deploying AI that is intuitive and effective across one platform”.


What Are the Benefits for Customer Service?


Zoom, over and above focusing on internal team dynamics, is also enhancing customer service through its AI capabilities.

Customer Interaction: The new Zoom Contact Center is equipped with additional AI features to provide a superior customer experience.

Agent Empowerment: AI Companion for Contact Center offers real-time customer sentiment analysis, aiding agents in delivering personalised service.

Regarding customer service improvements, Zoom states, “New Zoom Contact Center innovations include additional digital channels, enhanced AI features, insights, and additional integrations.”


Is User Privacy Maintained?

With the introduction of these AI features, Zoom places an emphasis on user privacy and security. The company assures that it does not use customer data to train its AI models without explicit consent.

Privacy Measures: Zoom is committed to responsible AI use, ensuring that privacy and security are not compromised.

Transparency and Control: Zoom has given users the option to have control over their data, and the option to opt-out of AI features should they choose to do so.

Reflecting on the privacy matters users might have, Zoom reassures, “We recognise that generative AI brings an evolving set of risks for our customers, and we are committed to prioritising transparency and customer choice.”

What Else Is New With Zoom?

That’s not where this ends, though. Zoom has also announced the launch of Zoom Workplace in the AWS Marketplace.

This now allows customers to easily acquire Zoom’s AI-powered collaboration tools such as Meetings, Team Chat, and Zoom Contact Center through the AWS digital catalogue.

Graeme Geddes, Chief Growth Officer at Zoom, expressed enthusiasm about this development, saying, “By making Zoom available through a private offer in AWS Marketplace, we are able to reach more customers and are better equipped to enable IT teams to consolidate their technology.”