Immanuel College Students Complete 6-Week Startup Crash Course By TechRound

TechRound Enterprise

Key Points: 


  • TechRound launched its Startup and Enterprise Scheme, offering sixth form students an insight into the world of startups. 
  • Alumni from Immanuel College, the school where TechRound launched their programme, provided talks about careers, how to deal with challenges, and how to stay positive. 
  • Speakers from successful startups such as Josh White of CanO Water and Daniel Levine of Tryb featured during the six-week scheme. 


This week, students of Immanuel College in Bushey graduated from the first official TechRound Startup and Enterprise Scheme, an educational programme run by startup news site,, the UK’s voice of startups.

During a 6-week crash course, sixth form students at Immanuel College received a weekly talk from successful alumni in the startup industry.


TechRound Scheme
Six speakers visited the school over six weeks, covering themes of overcoming challenges, staying motivated, and how to approach funding if trying to succeed in the start-up world.


Speakers included Josh White, the co-founder and marketing director of Cano Water, a canned-water company which is environmentally friendly and is stocked in over 10,000 stores. The 16-18 year old participants were also left inspired by Daniel Levine of Tryb, and Michael Marciano who segued from a teaching career to a life in the world of start-ups. 

The various talks honed in on the Immanuel Alumni’s respective journeys to where they are today, how they found their way in the world of startups and what key challenges they faced. The guests discussed how to fund a new business, how to spot opportunities and how to overcome challenges, the risk of startup failure and external pressures that may emerge.

The speakers touched on how to manage parents’ expectations when diverging from a typical and stable career, and explained how their ambition and mission helped them in amassing support from friends, family, and investors.


cano josh white
CanO Water Co-Founder Josh White talks about his journey with 6th form pupils


TechRound’s co-founder, Daniel Tannenbaum, commented that “I am so proud that TechRound was able to launch this speaker series at Immanuel. I wish that at eighteen, I was equipped with the knowledge that has been shared over these six weeks. So many bright minds in one room, being inspired by those who were in their seats just a few years ago. Here’s hoping we can provide this platform to plenty more students in the new academic year.”

“Immanuel has a very impressive alumni in startups, with the likes of Daniel Lipinski of OutFund, Simon Rabin of Get Chip and Josh Hart of YuLife raising more than £100 million combined in the last year alone. Other success stories include award-winning mental health blogger, Eleanor Segall, food author and doctor Michelle Braude and fashion entrepreneur, Chloe Marlow. We hope that this scheme is something that might encourage the next round of talented entrepreneurs.”


TechRound Talks
Daniel Levine (pictured) was one of the Immanuel alumni who spoke about their career journey into startups, leaving students inspired about their future prospects


Sharron Shackell, Head of Sixth Form, included: “The Sixth Form have enjoyed listening to a series of Immanuel alumni entrepreneurs, including Daniel Levine (Tryb), Michael Marciano and Joshua White (CanO Water), and gained an invaluable insight into the startup culture. Resilience and character building were essential themes throughout these talks.” 

Pupils were awarded certificates on the completion of the programme, giving them an understanding and appreciation of the UK startup industry that currently employs 1 out of 3 university graduates today.