Introducing Food Tryb –  A Platform To Help Foodies Publish & Monetise Their Content.

When Food Tryb creator and CEO Daniel Levine launched his online food content platform, he could never have imagined that a pandemic lockdown would bring about an 800 per cent increase in content creators in the first 12 months. But that’s exactly what happened, and this foodie community grew in popularity among home cooks, food writers and bloggers, bakers and even professional chefs, keen not only to create and publish their unique content online, but to also have a way of monetising that content in just a few simple steps.

This was at the forefront of why CEO Daniel Levine founded the company in 2019: “we started Food Tryb to level the playing field for all talented food and drink creators and build a supportive foodie community that would put those creators first. The most important aspect is to offer these content creators a simple and effective way to monetise their work – and we have done just that.”


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Examples of how content creators are able to make money on the platform include sharing their foodie skills via videos, tutorials and cooking tips, and charging their supporters a small subscription or fee. A recent national survey showed that cooking and baking were the number one activity for people in lockdown, with many discovering new skills and others honing existing culinary talents.

North London based Levine believes the huge increase in Food Tryb content creators proves it is a much needed platform: “we have made it very simple for people to create and make money in the food community. YouTube and Facebook have become increasingly difficult to monetise content, and we have come up with the ideal alternative.”


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Levine was an early Youtube content creator and has launched FoodTryb to help people monetise their food-related content by charging a small subscription fee


This former talent/influencer agent – who himself used to be an early YouTube content creator – says independent creators are the future of media – “our mission is to empower them.” 

He notes that it is not just the creators who benefit from the Food Tryb experience.

“After just a short period in existence, the Food Tryb brand is already being viewed as a trusted location to find great content for foodies all over the world. More and more supporters are coming over to their favorite creators’ Food Tryb pages to view new and innovative content,” says 30 year old Levine – whose company is based above London’s Camden Market. 

Food Tryb’s business model is also simple. The company takes a small percentage of all content monetisation – and in return provides the technology to publish and monetise that content, while offering assistance to creators within a supportive foodie community.

“We have a complete infrastructure for content creators enabling them to run their own businesses underpinned by community. We are disrupting the media landscape by powering the creator economy.”

Daniel Levine believes that Food Tryb has certainly given the industry food for thought.

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