The Rise of Sex Toys and Key Trends for 2021

Let’s face it, 2020 was not the most exciting year on record. Between cancelled holidays, restaurant closures, and separation from friends, it was difficult to stay entertained. Many were taking to the bedroom to add some adventure to the otherwise humdrum lockdown days, with record-breaking increases in sex toy purchases. With much of the world still in lockdown, it seems the enthusiasm for sex toys is set to continue for 2021, with a few key trends.


Strapped Down in Lockdown

Whilst many were getting cabin fever during a national lockdown, some were clearly content to get even further locked down. 2020 proved to be a year of experimentation, with sales seemingly showing an increased preference for BDSM. Sexperts at Ann Summers reported increased sales in BDSM products including whips and bondage restraints.

In particular, there was a 799% sales increase of faux leather buckle cuffs. All of this alongside a 70% increase in Google Searches for “what is BDSM?” There was an enormous increase in sales for bondage essentials such as ball gags and nipple clamps (582%) and spreader bars (429%) showing that bondage and BDSM experimentation is on the rise.


The Year of the Rear

Another thing that people seemed to be exploring during the pandemic was anal sex, with a 40% increase in Google search data for “how to have anal sex”. Curiosity for this topic was clearly piqued with another search term, ‘what is pegging in sex?’, experiencing a 250% rise in Google searches. The ‘Intro to Anal Kit’ was the top-selling anal toy, according to data from Ann Summers.

Additionally, the ‘Booty Blue Beginner’s Butt Plug saw a 137% increase in sales. Experts predict that anal dildos and pegging equipment will be the go-to items for 2021 as couples start to get more experimental in the bedroom.


The G-Spot is So Last Year

Sex tech has long-since been establishing itself in the world of tech and robotics, causing a stir at the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). For 2021, sex tech has come back even bigger and better than before. Remember the one-trick pony sex toys of yesteryear?

These are a far cry from the latest toys, designed to blend different techniques for the so-called “holy grail of orgasms”.The latest products from pioneering Lora DiCarlo use advanced technology to simultaneously provide clitoral stimulation and stimulation of the CUV (formerly known as the G-Spot). With the latest PercussionTouch, the sex toys are designed to replicate the warmth of human touch and stimulate blood through through the use of thermal conductive plastics.