The Sportswear Company Taking Steps Towards Sustainability

Presca is setting a much needed precedent in the clothing industry that we can only hope is replicated by many more brands to reach climate positivity, not just sustainability.


The Fight for Sustainability in the Textile Industry

The clothing manufacturing industry is one that has gained attention over the past few years as the conversation around climate change and our planet has grown significantly across mainstream media and into our everyday conversations and lives. It is an industry that is responsible for over 20% of global water pollution and is responsible for 2-5% of total GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions. There are >100bn garments made per year with 300million people in employment in the textile industry worldwide. Virgin polyester (made from non-renewable resources) is the most prevalent fibre (approx. 60% of all fibres used in clothing), followed by standard cotton (about 35%). But with all of these negative aspects of an industry that is so large in our society, how can we make changes to not only become sustainable but reach a climate positive way of life?


Presca’s Mission to do 100% Good

Presca Sportswear are part of the answer, as they are setting precedence in the clothing and sporting world to how we can all make a difference and positive change. As a company and brand, Presca has always aimed to do 100% good and place so much of their efforts into making sure this happens with everything they do. Through the creation of their products and the initiatives and services they offer alongside this, they are constantly creating positive climate and social impact through activewear and sports gear that they love.

They offer several initiatives in order to maintain the Forever model of Presca through cyclical steps:

  • Repair: if one of your much-loved Presca gear has got a nasty stain or somehow split a seam, you can contact the team to have it back in working order, rather than getting rid of it and buying something new.


  • Replace: with products like bib shorts and trisuits, when the pad gets a bit worse for wear, the team will replace it for you.


  • Adapt: the outdoors is for everybody and anybody. If you need your kit adapted because of a disability, you can get in touch with the team and they will adjust anything where needed.


  • Take-back/return guarantee: if you wish to mix up your kit with something else of Presca’s, don’t throw away the old kit, send it back to the team and they will re-purpose it, through re-sale as a pre-loved item, donate, or recycle it (where possible).

Cutting Down Energy to Promote Sustainability

Presca’s CEO Rob Webbon explained that with the technology available right now, they are doing the best they can do right now.  He shares: “Presca are using recycled polyesters and always have done for example, plastic bottles. This reduces water use by 90% and energy use by 60%, as well as reducing other associated emissions by about a half. Presca has always used solely recycled fibres wherever possible”.