This Google Wallet Update Automatically Saves Boarding Passes

Google Wallet lets you store items such as event tickets, boarding passes, and transit passes on mobile devices. Users can quickly add tickets by using the Google Wallet app, or through online platforms and other apps that offer the “Add to Google Wallet” option.

Once added, these items can be conveniently accessed from any Android device, making travel and event attendance smoother and more secure.

In a recent announcement, Google shared on their developer site: “Movie tickets and boarding passes from Gmail are now surfaced in the Google Wallet when a user buys a ticket and gets a confirmation email in their Gmail. This integration is live for some global movie chains and airlines and we are working to expand this.”

This is a great update for an already convenient Google feature.


Other Uses Of The Wallet


The app integrates with other Google products and services, allowing users to add items directly from Gmail or through photos taken with their phones.

For example, users can add loyalty or gym cards by taking a clear photo of the card and uploading it to the app. This versatility extends the functionality of Google Wallet beyond simple payment solutions, offering a consolidated platform for managing various digital passes and keys.


How Does it Improve User Experience?


Google Wallet enhances the user experience by streamlining the process of managing tickets and passes. For events, users can store their tickets on their devices and gain entry by showing barcodes or QR codes.

The app provides real-time notifications and updates, ensuring users are always informed about any changes or important information regarding their events or travels.

For travel, the convenience is further amplified. Travellers can store their boarding passes on their devices and receive automated notifications about their flight status.

For public transport, Google Wallet supports both open loop and closed loop NFC payments, allowing users to pay for their journeys directly from their phones, view their card balances, and even top-up fare cards.

This integration with Google Maps and the ability to prevent screenshot copying of digital transit passes enhances security and user convenience.


What Can You Add to Google Wallet?


Google Wallet supports a wide range of items beyond payment cards. Users can add event tickets, transit passes, loyalty cards, gift cards, and even digital car keys.

The process is straightforward: open the app, choose the type of item to add, and follow the on-screen instructions.

With the update, now items can also be added from Gmail automatically, thanks to data sharing settings. This feature allows for a hands-off approach where boarding passes, loyalty cards, and event tickets are imported directly into Google Wallet from a user’s Gmail inbox.


How Can You Manage Your Items?


Managing items in Google Wallet is designed to be user-friendly. Users can easily add, move, or remove cards and passes either through the app itself or online.

For passes that are limited to a single device or Google Account, users can transfer them by removing from the current device and opening the pass link on a new device. If an issue arises, such as an error message when saving a pass, Google advises contacting the pass issuer to resolve the problem.

In addition to management, Google Wallet offers options to share or transfer passes, tickets, and cards with others, enhancing the flexibility and social utility of the service.

Whether it’s for managing travel plans, attending events, or using public transport, Google Wallet stands out as an efficient digital and organisational solution.