10 Best Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming

Spotify continues to pave the way with new features and updates. Recently, they have launched a feature that allows full music videos, making them a direct competitor to the famous YouTube. It would be interesting to see how far the platform will go with all these updates.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Spotify?


Though Spotify is known to be a great platform for millions of users worldwide, its important to still consider whether it is the best app for you- especially as an artist. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the platform:




Easily accessible: you are able to access Spotify on your mobile device, with an app, as well as on the web app. Not all platfoms allow you to stream from the web app directly, so this is great for users who do not have access to the traditional app.

Large Catalogue: due to its popularity, Spotify is able to obtain many of your favourite songs, so you do not have to move around platforms to listen to your playlists. This also means you get to discover a lot more music.

Playlists: whether you enjoy receiving or creating playlists, the large user base and catalogue means you can share music with loved ones without having to download a different app.




Payouts: for artists, many have complained that the earnings are significantly low and that streams count for next to nothing.

Internet connectivity: unless you have downloaded the music you want to listen to while under a connection, you will not be able to access your music without wi-fi or mobile internet. This is true without most streaming platforms, though.

Free users get bad sound: if you’re not able or keen to pay for the premium, you might experience a really low quality of sound when streaming. This can affect your listening or viewing experience on the platform.


10 Spotify Alternatives


For some, there may be many more cons than pros, and so we have gathered 10 alternatives, for both artists and music listeners alike, to try out:


1. Deezer



Deezer offers a personalised music and podcast experience, with recommendations that evolve with your tastes.  Available on various devices, it allows offline listening for premium subscribers.

Features include Flow for an endless mix tailored to your mood, Lyrics to sing along, and SongCatcher for identifying music around you. High Fidelity sound ensures a superior listening experience.


2. Bandcamp



Great for independent artists, Bandcamp supports direct artist-fan connections, allowing fans to directly support the musicians they love. Artists receive a fair share from sales, typically within 24-48 hours.

It’s known for its transparent payment model and diverse music community. Fans can check out a collection of music and directly influence artists’ earnings.





TIDAL pushes high-quality sound and a deep connection with music. It offers an extensive library of over 100 million songs and exclusive artist content.

TIDAL Originals and expertly curated playlists enhance the listening experience. It’s designed for those who value sound quality and artist empowerment.


4. YouTube Music



YouTube Music allows you to discover and listen to a wide range of songs and podcasts. Available with ads or as a premium service without ads, it offers unique features like background play and downloads.

It’s suitable for those who enjoy music videos and want a vast, diverse library.


5. SoundCloud




SoundCloud is a hub for emerging and major artists, enabling users to discover, stream, and share a wide mix of music.

It’s perfect for creators looking to connect with fans and grow their audience. The platform is known for its community-driven content and is accessible on various devices.


6. Jango




Jango offers free, personalised music streaming, providing a unique listening experience without ads. Available globally, it lets users tune into music based on genre or artist preferences.

Enhance your listening by liking or banning songs, adding artists, and adjusting song variety. Access Jango through the web or its mobile app for a seamless music journey.




StreamSquid revives the essence of Grooveshark, offering free music streaming and internet radio services. Create or import playlists, discover new music, and share your favourites.

It’s a community-centric platform allowing for hours of free music enjoyment and playlist personalisation. Engage with StreamSquid to have a look at legal music streaming options.





JOOX is a great music streaming app with over 40 million songs and videos. It offers a custom music experience with its vast library, live broadcasting, and trending videos.

Karaoke features and social sharing make JOOX a vibrant music community. Available on various devices, JOOX caters to a global audience seeking diverse musical content.


9. Qobuz




Qobuz stands out with its high-quality sound streaming and extensive music library. Offering both streaming and download options, it caters to audiophiles preferring CD or Hi-Res quality.

Qobuz places a focus on artist support and rich editorial content, providing a sophisticated platform for music discovery and appreciation.


10. Jukeboxy



Jukeboxy is designed for businesses, providing a licensed music streaming service that complies with ASCAP, BMI, and other regulations.

It features over 45 million songs and offers unique music solutions, making it perfect for enhancing customer experiences.

With Jukeboxy, businesses can manage their music easily, schedule playlists, and even integrate in-store messaging.